Strava Club


Somebody mentioned on one of the threads that it might be a cool idea to have a MvF Strava club. So I went and set one up.
You can find the details here:

@admin - hope you don’t mind.

2 Year Anniversary

Not at all - you’ll make a great Strava admin for MVF :smile:

Picky but if possible could you edit it so that it’s MAN v FAT, not Man v Fat - that’s how we’re trademarked/branding wank/etc.


On that same note I said a while ago about setting something up with Myfitness pal.

I am about to do it, do we want it closed and request entry through MAN V FAT website?

@admin any ideas.


Here is the Myfitnesspal group anything that needs adding or changing let me know.

@admin what do you think do you have any logo’s etc that can be added.


Job done!


Here’s the logo, go for it!


Great idea guys - just joined both groups!!! Thanks for being so pro-active with this.



Logo added let me know if the is anything you want to add to the group or anything of use etc


Joined the Strava club. Good job really as I was the person who asked about it in the first place :smile:


Joined up to the Strava club. Just you wait till I’m back on my bike :wink:


Joined, and straight to the top of the leaderboard!


Show off :wink:


Haha, I said to myself that I would cycle to work all week and I actually managed it!

My brother beat my 10k time by 2 minutes this week so I’ll be finishing this week off with a run tomorrow. I could still not win.


Fair play to you - I am just jealous as a fat boy I am not pushing you more!!! But a challenge I can rise to!!! If next week you hear some idiot was arrested cycling on the M4 Westbound feel guilty!!!


Just joined the Strava group and awaiting permission for the My Fitness Pal group… @Duncan_Gott @ChevalierTialys - thank you for setting up.


Just 2.8km on the bike today but a massive step for me. First ride since brain surgery. Slow and incredibly wobbly, and a hilly century it certainly was not, but it meant an awful lot. Those Alps had better start worrying, I’m on the comeback trail :wink:


Some high milers in this group… Not that I am jealous, well maybe a little bit!

I think it’s about time I switched my MTB for something more versatile. About another 8 months of saving my pennies and I will be on the market for a hand built Koga Signature (unless the price goes up) - They are bootiful…


Strava keeps on longing my runs/ walks as on the spot rather than the distance, on Sunday I managed a 7km walk and it said I was running on the spot for 2hrs???


Damn those treadmills…


Its hard to believe that I spent 9 hours and 35 minutes on the bike last week.
Although those last 19 miles did win me the top spot :smile:

I am getting my gearing adjusted next week. I am currently running a 29er MTB with a 42/32/22 set but find that I can spin it out fairly easily on flat runs. This is being upgraded not only to a 48/36/26 but a better quality component than my current basic Deore; and finally, some clip pedals!

Should make a great winter bike with that setup