Strava Club


Is this group still active !


It should still be there, although I haven’t used Strava for a while due to a lack of running.


Just added myself , Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !!! Number 1 for last week !! lol

This should provide some motivation :smile:


Old thread but I presume this Strava group is still going ? I will join and see where I end up in the league tables !


I was sort of thinking about maybe, perhaps, going for a cycle today. One of those things that I definitely would have talked myself out of BUT NO I’m going to go! And I’m going to join the Strava club even if it’s just me vs you @dduk1974 :laughing:


Your on @Emma ! there does seem to be a good few people still in the group with some fairly decent mileages. I am starting open water swimming again tonight and you have inspired me to cycle to the lake rather than drive !


Looks like its still there with Active members (even if they don’t know there members). Have just joined myself. Got a big ride coming up on Sunday if I can cope with the heat.


I was all set to go, started pumping up my tires only to find a huge rip in one of them! Wah. No cycling for me today :frowning:


Bad news @Emma get that tyre fixed up and get out on the bike - no excuses !


Trying to get back into the swing of things, just joined the club.
Are people still doing this?


I am on there and keep an eye on the group.

I tend to rejig it to running totals, to make myself feel better!


I’ve just added myself to it, as I use Strava to track my attempts at running.