Strood league



Hi is anyone here joining the strood league?


There will be! Don’t forget to refer mates and family in as well!


I am certainly hoping to get involved but can’t do every Monday - Would that be a problem? I can probably do every other!


just joined, cant wait , really looking forward to this , so hello all .


Hi all. See you on registration. Excited for this :+1:


Hi all just signed up looking forward to this and probably will have a couple of mates on board as well!


Hey, looking forward to it. See you all in September


yep interested in giving this a go…! I’m not sure I’ve fully signed up yet as didn’t pay in straight away, now cant log in using the same email account…!


Hi - I’ve emailed you back about this just now!


I have just signed up, I haven’t played for 22 years so this could be fun! I look forward to meeting everyone at registration!


Hi All,

I’m on holiday on the registration night. Can I register earlier or later.

I’m away 30th August to 6th September.




Hi @paul.sherlock - If you are away for the registration night, you will just get your starting measurements, as well as a overview of the league rules and regs at your next session with your coach.



So on the night of the first game I’ll do my weigh in then and then play the game (well attempt to)?

Will I know what team I’m on before hand so I can introduce myself on WhatsApp etc?


Hi @paul.sherlock

On your first session, you will meet your coach, who will also tell you beforehand what team you are in. Ideally they’ll get you involved in the WhatsApp group before that session so you know who everyone is and what colour shirt you are wearing. You will play that match, and then get a weight score for the next week’s match, as your first session is classed as your registration weight, not your week 1 weight.


What is the bmi requirement to join? when I signed up it was 32 possibly higher but I have been working on losing weight hopefully I can still be involved


Hi @damonstevens19 - The BMI cut off point is 27.5, you can always check this on our website -


I’m in, not heard of this but sounds great and can’t wait!


Planning to - just left the Selhurst league as it was taking me 2 hours to get home to Gillingham after the games!

Just got to work out how I can get home from work at London Bridge in time to change and get to the centre by 6.30 for a 7pm kickoff!


Afternoon guys be sure to check out MAN v FAT Football Strood League for full league info.

If you haven’t already be sure to head to to secure your place. Any problems with registration then drop us an email

Once you are registered to the league you will receive a link to a league whatsapp group and be kept up to date with all info.

Cheers, Ben, MAN v FAT Football


Hi guys, I have signed up for the strood league yesterday really looking forward to getting started. I said to my wife a few weeks ago I would like to start playing football again but I put the idea off because of my weight/fitness levels. Unfortunately I’m on holiday for the registration night but I will be there every Monday after that.

Look forward to meeting some of you!