Strood league



Seriously considering joining but am away in September for a week does it matter if you miss the odd session due to holiday/family commitments?


Hi, iv signed up, do i need to go to the registration session on the 3/09/18?


Hi @Lee_B87 - Missing the odd session is inevitable for most people its just one of those things and is understandable so do not worry too much :slight_smile:

@richardbroad3 - If you can make the registration session it will be of massive benefit in order to get registered, placed in to a team and also ask any potential questions you may have!


great thanks, see you then.


Hi I signed up, see you all Monday night. I haven’t played (was not that good! So probably even worse now!! lol) a few years ago.
I’m really looking forward to this hope to make some new mates too!


Hi all,

Just signed up, definitely looking forward to getting back into the game and lose a bit of weight at the same time! Will there be matches in the registration session?


Yeah I was wondering this?


On any registration session, there’s no football played. It’s just to get everyone settled into their teams, go over the rules and regs, and then get everyone measured and weighed. This is your registration weight that you will be working away from :slight_smile:


Thanks very much!


I signed up to this a couple of weeks back but didn’t receive any correspondence apart from confirmation of my subs.

I’m planning on coming along tonight for registration but I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I’m going to be on the list. :slight_smile:


Me and a friend joined up today, when do we start playing. May have another 1 or 2 guys that also want to join.


Hi, make sure you await for your coach to get in touch with you. The registration night was on Monday, so the next session will be Monday the 10th. Your coach will contact you all directly when you have been assigned into a team -


Hi, I signed up yesterday (7/9) am I in time to play on Monday (10/9)? Wondering whether to just turn up or not?


Hi @stephenpeeling - I would wait for the call from your coach, as you are more than likely going into the waiting list until you’ve been assigned into a team. They’ll call you and confirm when your next session is due on.


Hi. I have registered for Strood League, wondering what the waiting lit is like…? Or when the league will start?



Hi @Dunny - I’ve spoken to the Strood coach this week, and he’s going to be making sure he gets that waiting list down as much as he can. You must wait for his confirmation before you start.


Hi there, I’ve also signed up and it says there’s a waiting list however registration day isn’t until the 07/01/2019 do we just turn up on that date?



Hi @MCCRUM9 - only the players who are in a team need to go to the Registration Night. If you have not been contacted by phone or email from your coach about your team, please don’t turn up, otherwise we won’t have you registered on the active players and teams lists.


I have just signed up thinking teams will be sorted on registration night and everyone goes. But am a little disheartened to find a waiting list. Would it be quicker to try and join another league or not bother. Cheers


Hello @lcassam90 - There are only so many spaces on the teams, so the coach has to assign players into teams beforehand. Obviously if people have a change of heart or drop out, the waiting list is then used to fill in any vacant spaces. We can’t fit 100 players into 8 teams of 10 players, unfortunately.