Struggling to get back into calorie tracking

Hi everyone, been off of here since around when my daughter was born (July, 2019). Since then I’ve really been struggling to get motivated to start using MFP. It worked well for me in the past, and I’m getting better. Came here to find support, but feels like everything’s gone? Or are people still on here? Looking to build in some accountability in tracking my calories.

Mate, it’s really difficult! I use the cal tracker on Fitbit which gives me lots of advantages. I don’t kick myself when I miss- just get back to it and understand I’m not perfect.

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I still pop in to see who is still around. I will stay in and talk and support etc…
This used to be such a vibrant community, I have never seen anything go to the dogs like this has.

Ah it’s Steven. How you getting on? I’d say best create a thread and have people jump in and out. Least it’s an outlet for people who return. It’s pointless now complaining as they don’t even have a link on the main website for the forum .