Struggling to get started


Hi, new user here. Im 35 and married with 2 kids. I’ve always been a bit heavier than I would like and tend to vary between 15 - 16 stone. At the minute I’m back up to 16 and want to change that. I’d love to get down to 14 but can’t even seem to get motivated enough to start! Biggest issue is I’ll eat well during the day and then binge on junk when wife goes to bed, I’ve always been a secret eater and can’t seem to break the habit, any advice??



Here is a good place to get started.

In the meantime, out the stuff you don’t want out of sight and healthier stuff in its place. IF it is generally unhealthy, don’t buy it (or ask your wife not to) as it will be better for the whole family.
Brush your teeth when you want to cut off the day’s intake and go to bed when your wife does.
I am sure you can find better things to do than eating :wink:


Thanks for the reply, the teeth cleaning thing sounds good, would never have thought of something so simple! I would usually go to bed same time as wife but I work shifts so a lot of the time I’m home late (or even worse after a nightshift when I’m at home alone & eat like it’s my final meal :joy:). Will look into the groups thanks :+1:t2:


OK mate, all the best. Keep it going here until you get into a group.
I’m sure there are other people who will keep you going.