Struggling to loose weight after already loosing 12kg

I started MVF back in March weighing 98kg. I went from not excercising alot to regular football. I play now at least twice a week, sometimes 3 and also aim for 1 or 2 gym sessions.
The 1st season of MVF the weight flew off end at the start of the 2nd season i weighed 90kg. There was a few bank holidays interrupting the Monday night weigh in so did some weeks stay the same, but when the losses came in they were like 1.5+kg a week.

Hakf way through the 2nd season in now at 86kg. For the last month I’d say I cant seem to break the 85kg level. I now feel like I have to starve to loose weight, I use calorie counting via my fitness pal to track what i eat and have been aiming for 1400 calories a week. For the last few weigh ins my weight has fluctuated around 85kg. I am trying physically but it’s just not coming off anymore :man_shrugging:t2: my goal weight is 80kg. I dont think this will be achieved this season and with the next season of MVF overlapping Christmas I cant see it happening then :neutral_face::neutral_face:.
So training wise this is what i do.
Mon MVF game 20mins high intense game.
Tues tends to be rest if I’m sore but even on rest day 10k steps are done.
Wednesday 45min gym session.
Thursday 1h extra game of 7 a side.
Friday rest +10k steps
Saturday morning 1h extra game
Sunday rest +10k steps
And then it’s back to Monday and to have ate 1400 calories and then gain weight on the Monday is very disheartening. Feels like effort for nothing :neutral_face:. I am grateful for the 12kg in total lost upto now but I’m struggling to reach my goal weight. I’m still classed as overweight as im only 168cm.

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First of all, well done on the weight you have managed to lose so far. That’s a great effort right there.

I found back when I was doing well losing weight that it often came down to what I was eating. If I was eating more carbs, I would struggle to lose the weight even if I was under my calorie count. If I didn’t eat carbs for a couple of days I would break my plateau. I know this goes against all science and knowledge but it’s just what worked for me at the time. It won’t work for everyone but just something to think about.

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Thankyou for your reply :+1:t2:.
I might try that for a week or 2 and tweek what i eat and opt for more protein instead of carbs. It’s frustrating that excerise wise I’m doing more than when i was loosing 1.5kg+ a week and some weeks have been a small gain on the scales :neutral_face:

Carbs allegedly encourage water retention so not eating them a few days before weigh in isn’t a bad idea at all. It’s kind of what I do too.

Consider that what ever you have eaten during the day would have been additional weight in your body.

You aren’t in a calorie deficit if you haven’t lost weight. is there anything you failed to track?
Alcohol? Any other drinks? Leftovers?

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I literally track everything I eat. Maybe I need to work harder now by more intense training I wasn’t physically capable of 6months ago, in order to loose the final 6kg.
I’m also thinking I do alot of lower body excercise, cycling, extra football games and general 10k steps a day. So won’t the legs have gained more muscle, which weighs more than fat? Maybe I should aim for some upper body excercise more regularly.

It’s not only about weight - remember to measure inches lost around the waist, etc.

I stuck at it. And this week I lost 1.8kg :muscle:t3:. Now weighing at 84.2kg. This is the fittest and most lightweight I’ve felt for aslong as I can remember.

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Humans on average under-estimate calorie intake by 40-50% & over-estimate movement by 40-50% (even registered dietitians are usually 30-40% out either way) which means most people are about 80%-100% off with the calorie & movement tracking

We humans simply suck at tracking food & movement lol

In my 15+ years of experience in this field, what Darren said above is almost ALWAYS the case