Struggling with sundays


Hello all,

Its been a while since I posted around here, but I’m having some trouble lately and I’m not sure where to turn.

So, lately, I’ve found a group of folks that like hanging out with me. And, on sundays, we get together and do some nerdy things. D&D, board games, ect.

The challenge, for me at least, is that I’m the only one losing weight. And we all bring snacks for Sundays specifically. I bring a veggie platter, with ranch dressing for dip, and diet soda. They bring other stuff they like. And I can’t help myself, the food is good, and its right there. Right next to my veggies, which I’m the only one that eats. I always go over 200-600 calories.

Because of this, my weight loss is stalled. I’m fluctuating between 170 and 175. During the week, I’m ok. But the weekend, kills me. I can’t reduce my intake during the week, because its already so low its difficult to stay within my limit.

Is there anything I can do?



Totally understand the felling, but realistically it’s down to willpower, you know the benefits that weight loss will bring to you and going with your epic veggie platter is the way to go! You need to look at it and say NAHHHH!!! temping as it is don’t do it and go for your goals.

Alternatively, tell your mates that you’d prefer they bring something a little bit healthier to the meet up’s, I bet they would be more than understanding, even if there is a little banter involved.

Good Luck buddy.


Maybe use the 5:2 diet. Reducing the calories a lot twice a week, and then letting yourself have a cheat day. Possibly plan a long bike ride for Monday evening.


I’ve actually started to see those benefits. My entire reason for weight loss, was to look more physically attractive. And I’ve actually gotten 2 compliments on my appearance, which is more then I can say in my past 30 years of life. So…it is working.

Something to keep in mind for this Sunday I guess.

Oh, whats a good cinco de mayo food for those on a diet? The group wants to get mexican food for dinner this sunday, and I think thats fitting. Just…no idea whats a good low calorie option.


As a fellow nerd I have the exact same problem, my d&d group like to bring a load of home brewed beer when we play, in addition to snacks, which is pretty diet destroying. I try to avoid casually overreacting at the gaming table by finding something else to do, being more active in the game if you carry on playing while you eat, checking rules etc, but it is very hard. If you’re close with your group maybe try and persuade them to also bring healthy snacks?


Increase your output of energy on Sunday, go for a bike ride/run/swim to allow for the extra food in. Im a sucker for chocolate if i eat more than i expect i go without something the next day. I am a believer that you should be burning 1/3 more than you are putting in. I struggle to do it that for sure.


I managed to stay under my limit this time! Though it was a stretch. I had a yogurt for breakfast and another one for lunch. Left me with something like 1400 calories for dinner. And…I used it all for snacks + dinner (which was pizza, so 750 calories that alone). Still though, I did it!