Suggestions for Badges


On another thread one of the guys suggested they needed a badge for not having a Kabab on Friday night.
Today for me, dinner was mixed grill at the pub with my family. I left the chips and onion rings untouched. I deserve a medal for leaving those items of food untouched on my plate.
What medals would be on your MvF list of gongs?


Can we also have - turned down an offer from the boss of a fry up? :smiley:


Turned down cake!


There definitely needs to be a Sober Hero badge, awarded when you’ve stayed on the Becks Blue for a night while everyone else around you was trolleyed. There should be a Legend status badge for those who did that but didn’t bang in about it endlessly (I’d fail that bit).

There should be some for knowledge and recruitment to the mvf cause too.



So MVF Guru and MVF Recruiter.


Yes I was thinking one for Top Statatician but that can only go to one person I guess

And MVF Guru could incorporate my other idea which was top Science Reaearcher :smirk:


What about those that try all the diets and new ideas under the sun: Lab Rat!
Straight Jacket badge - to those with so much restraint they are model citizens in the MVF world.


I avoided the snack table (and/or beer) whilst watching sport.

My biggest struggle!



I’m only avoiding bread, chocolates, biscuits or anything else that tastes nice! Just low carb bland meat based diet for me… Medal? , :wink:



no alcohol whatsoever since I hot back on diet I month ago


I have been sober for 2 years straight. Me and the chums go to the pub and i get water with lemon while they have their rum n cokes. Medal?


Not much to say re diet but after six months of working part time I have a right arm like a fiddler crab.


Good on ya @Jeevs_Wadkins …3 years 5 months here.