Summer challenge. Challenge yourself anything that you want to achieve between now and summer


We have been running side challenges alongside groups now for nearly a year. Xmas, pancake day Easter and now may bank holiday.
Let’s plan a summer challenge to start in a few days. You chose what you want to lose and track t on the weigh in thread we can set up. Something realistic or something that you think you can get close to. Alternatively people have less to lose than the fat bastards like myself so set yourself a goal. Steps goal, Walking mileage. Rowing totals, Can be anything you want. We want to encourage active participation for everyone.

Let us know what you want to do.

Personally I’m aiming for 20lb so hope to beat or just get close to that.

What’s the end date? I’m 50/50.

Start July. end of July. Who knows?

Plus 50/50 with means 100% in

Nah, all I do is copy and paste from the group, seems pointless. :joy:

I’ve challenged myself to lose a stone - get to 184lbs by the time I go in holiday in August

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I’m out this time due to my holiday shorty and seems pointless me doing a challenge for 2 weeks, good luck to everyone taking part though

Aye ill try n get back in2 it cos i didnt manage my last group cos of timing
Main goal is 2do circuit training everyweek and try not 2 spoil my diet at ne point


I’ll be having a small break before cracking on.

Already resting from football for a few weeks but as soon as this cold finally shifts will be looking at getting back on the jogging.

I’ll drop in and out here & there with an aim to be around 95kg by end of July.

My summer challenge is 112 kilos to 100 kilos
I’ve given myself until 26 September when I have a follow up medical for my knees! Incentive is strong.
Arrived in South of France yesterday with Lola and we will walk 10 kilometres every day and swimming lots.
Need to build a routine. Stretches to start.

Good stuff lads.

This doesn’t need to be a daily diary like before. Set yourself a challenge and check in every week. Just have somewhere to record your progress. I’m not interested in something similar to groups where we just copy and pasted over. This is about you and what you want to achieve.

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Ah ya fecker, my friend! Just when I decide to sit this one out you change the rules :grinning:

Since joining this amazing community I have lost around 1/3 of my body weight (avg as counted by independent spreadsheet (OK, not that independent (me :rofl:) … but also around HALF of my body fat (can’t exactly remember start point 38% - 43%) currently 18% avg. (range 20.8 to 15.9 in may so far).

I’m not deluded enough to think I will ever in this lifetime have a six pack… Hell, half way through this ‘life journey (and then some)’ will settle for the occasional ‘flexed pex’ or ‘Fab abs’…

So my ‘pledge’ is body fat less than 10% by the end of July. might give me a 3 or 4 pack? (:muscle:).

I guess that means chicken again :slight_smile:

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I’m in @Greenballs

I will lose this damn 10lbs!

I’m starting on it first thing in morning but will join the challenge whenever it starts :muscle:

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Got that urge 2 eat like 10000cals lucky 4 me av not got much in, will sleep instead nite !!!


What is this strange concept? LOL.

Seen pretty much every hour for the last 2 days. Not at all tired (OK that’s a lie - but no point going to bed as I won’t sleep anyway). Just after 2 AM and I am wide awake and am being accompanied through the night by Hazel O’Connor - “Queen of Punk” and Jean Michel Jarre “King of Techno”. ‘Dancing’ the night away - great exercise!. Thank feck for the wireless headphones!!

Welcome to my world.

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Just after 4 am. Done the Billy Idol singles too, back to the amazing JMJ.

If I haven’t lost weight or built muscle (dancing with f’off weights through the night) I’ll be proper p!553d off… but frankly too tired to care right now.

Surely I must sleep soon?

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Not even 5 AM yet but so light even through the blinds and curtains, no chance of sleeping. Yet again will only sleep when totes exhaustion kicks in. F’cked up me. Again.

Get to the doctor, mate.

Edit: Before going to the doctor, read Why We Sleep - if you want, DM me your address and you can have my copy.


Managed a couple of hours between 5:30 and 8 ish. You are right mate this has been going on so long it has become ‘normal’. Need to get it sorted - herbal tea and scented candles ain’t fixing it.

Ah hope u get it sorted pal!! I go thru phases of bein in the no sleep club, i dunno id its these lighter mornings or what
My tune is insomnia by faithlesa, has 2b lol!!

Mad thing is i always sleep way better in the day…if i lay ontop of me duvet fully dressed, wicked sleep. Actual nite time? Not so good!!

Perhaps yea try drs mate?

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