Summer challenge. Challenge yourself anything that you want to achieve between now and summer

You’re right I need to go to the docs. I seem to have a 3 to 4 day cycle of either not sleeping at all or sleeping intermittently and seeing most hours of the night pass by on the clock, Then I’ll have a night where I sleep through perfectly. Bizarrely I seem to feel more tired after sleeping well.

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Read the book before going to the doctors, mate. They’ll give you sleeping pills which don’t work.

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Good day so far. Dog walk. Healthy breakfast. Weights sesh. Protein shake. Chicken lunch. Few biscuits have put a slight dent in it but not much

We doing this next challenge chaps?

I’m not sure whose in. We have maybe 5 or 5 setting themselves a challenge. Each to their own tho. I’m happy to change it up a bit but if ur comfortable with the normal way work away. We start Friday if you want

Sounds good. I would love to hit 12 stone. So that’s my target. So 9.5lbs ish. I’ve started today but will log weight from Friday

Sub target is to fit into my nice shirts and t-shirts before summer is out! Also to get fitter for footie (started playing again recently)

I’ll still post etc. Not interested in a “challenge” per se, but I like to keep track of how much i’ve weighed so would be good to have a forum on here for support and a weekly weigh in thread.

I’m in, goal is to get to 14 stone by end of summer so 17lbs to lose! I’ve recently been diagnosed with haemachromatosis which sounds worse than it is. Basically my blood holds onto too much iron which then deposits on your organs. I have a test at end of summer to see if my liver is fatty as this could worsen the problem . So I want and need to get the weight off to try and improve situation rather than have to regularly get blood drained off!


My old housemate had that, hope it all goes well for you, mate. Definitely a good reason to eat well and look after yourself.

Is this happening lads?

I’m out for the foreseeable.

Ok just use this thread to do your thing. I’ll amend the title and we go from there. People
More than welcome to challenge themselves. Check in everyday or week whenever you want. If it’s here you are accountable to yourself.

For me I want to lose a further 20 and start some weights of some sort so let’s see which is more realistic.

Still haven’t shaken off this cold, just about passed the hearing test in the medical today, thought I was done for at one point.

Anyway, the final part of the jigsaw is complete in that matter, can now put notice in at current employment.

Being interesting to see the daily step count in the new role from July.

Food wise, this week has not been great, been feeling sorry for myself & eating accordingly. Symptoms the past few days have suggested a chest infection but being stubborn me, just waiting for the body to see it over with.

Tracking suggests I am over by about 2500 calories overall, but that also suggests that whilst I probably haven’t lost, I shouldn’t have really gained either.

I am hoping to get running a bit again when Infeel better, as I am taking a small break from football…

Nice one mate. You going to start a weigh in thread too? Continue on Tuesdays I reckon

I’ll set one up for those that are using weight as their challenge.

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So weighing in today at 263. I want that as close to 240 before end July but you know what I’ll be happy with 250 or under.
I’m all for flexibility so people can weigh when they want. I’ve a thread set up so set up your post as you like.
All welcome to join whenever.

I’ve been skipping breakfast when not hungry but I’m not IF I’ll still eat when I feel hungry. I need to add better stuff to my diet so that will be one of my goals.

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Pretty good few days. Weighed in 0.6lbs down since last challenge ended the other day.

Been to visit family today so probably blown that already. Cake this morning, bag of chips at seaside for lunch and had some chocolate tonight. Not much else to eat all day, and lots of walking, plus 2 dog walks, though so maybe overall not too bad.

I am going to follow @Greenballs and weigh in Saturday mornings. I reckon it will rein in my (often) Friday night overeating, and also keep me eating better on Saturday because so far on these challenges my best 2 days eating are generally weigh in day and day before!!

A bottle of Moet, a large bag of McCoys Muchos & a box of jaffa cakes.

Liverpool, Champions League winners. :slight_smile:

I’ll start again on monday lol

Many many beers watching the football then me and the lads decided to go to a club and finally ended up in spoons to watch the AJ fight.
Ended up with a cheeky kebab too. Diet starts Monday.