Summer challenge. Challenge yourself anything that you want to achieve between now and summer

You don’t need a glass everytime…

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Winners don’t use glasses.

I’m in if that’s ok. I’m not going to log my food as I’ll do that on my other group. Just going to say if I’ve had a good day or not.

Ive struggled of late. My aim is to get past the 300lb mark for my birthday. Got really close a couple of times but seem to blow up when I can see the line. Can’t explain why.


More family visiting today. 2 x cake slices but overall a much better day of eating than yesterday

Quieter than I thought it would be in here.

Week after the last challenge, I gained a couple of pounds during the Liverpool Champions League glory week.

But looking better this week, just had a lovely homemade Katsu Chicken Curry stirfry…

I’m gonna join a 30 day group too, I didn’t think it would make a difference but not checking in every day like in the bank holiday challenge has really affected my motivation. I was so happy to have lost the 10lbs and had big plans but haven’t stuck to it at all so I think I need the accountability element to keep me on track

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Been dead here alright. There is a lot of non posters tho who just record weights and that’s grand. I’ve a group also and it’s a pain to double post everyday.

On this challenge it was to get close to 250 then 240. As of Tuesday I was half lb away from the 250’s.
We have eid holidays here this week all week so schools are off and routine is out the window.

Failed badly with Easter Challenge but let’s start again. Want to be 16 stone by time of holiday in August. Need to lose 1.5 stones though. Aiming to exercise 3 times a week and limit calorie intake - let’s see how this goes.

Good stuff. You can post daily if you like keep the activity going.

Well done on your progress!

Been getting on ok this week. Went abit overboard on the takeaways last month but am stickin 2 STRICTLY no more then 1 a week now

The bit what can feel hard is somtimes when am healthy eating it feels like i got nothing 2 look forward 2. That can b abit rough. So thats part the reason i can hav ONE as a treat. Ideally i wanna work towards havin stuff 2 look foward which isnt food. Gonna hav a think on that

Hiya good 2 see u, glad all still good progress :muscle::+1:

Had a shocking week of eating. Maybe partly down to not checking in on here like we usually do in these challenges. So much chocolate and other sweet stuff. Exercise has been average. Plenty of walking and 2 x gym sessions. Couldn’t play footie this week as knee very sore from last week’s game

Saying that I managed a couple of days lactose free for first time in ages and there were a few periods of good eating

Off to Dublin on Sunday for a few days. Lots of walking… but no doubt lots of eating and some drinking too

Il admit I’m one of those that’s not posting…will improve.

feeling better for this challenge, doing IM and not starting eating until 12pm every day…find its saving me about to 500 to 600 calories a day.

not exercising as much but that’s down to a niggling knee…but getting there.

Ok let’s make a point of getting this going everyday. It is the reason we set it up. And also to bollock those falling off the wagon. I had a McDonald’s this week and it was so nice so been suffering that for days. Definitely not worth it.

Thanks. Last year was my starting point with a gym opening near by here. Didn’t really kick off until August when I wised up. Over 50lb down since then

1 a week can still easily undo the good done if you are not keeping track of things.

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Aye fair point. Will try n do it less often but if i do gotta go easy the day before/after 2 make it up. And not go mad with it, sensible portions. Go halfers if i hav a pal round. Gotta try n get this under control

Yeah you can do one a week if you have the deficit. It needs to be part of your allowance if you want to lose. Some takeaways can be a days calorie intake allowance. Takes days just to get over it.

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