Summer challenge. Challenge yourself anything that you want to achieve between now and summer

Aye. I tend 2b quite an all or nothing peeson dunno if thats good or bad. Hardly eat 1 day then takeaway the next

Slight increase on the scales, but as I said - I’ve eaten terribly this week. Looking forward to a few days away for first time in a long time. Think it’s just what I need. Then kickstarting the weight loss on Thurs :muscle:

Back on good form. Had loadsa cereal and yoghurt. Off 2 gym. No lunch decent tea probs like pie + mash or summit like that

Had chicken n spicy wedges 4 tea done decent gym session. Feelin proud of my success at the gym neaely 4 yrs u kno

Weighed in at 194.2 which is pretty much the same as last week.
Been reviewing my week and every day, I have on average 500 calories of crap… cookies, crisps, cheese. So that’s where il be focusing my efforts going forward while adding more veg to my main meals.

Lost 0.4kg the past week. Had crap as much as Alan describes some days…

Been good 2day.
B Grapes n strawberrys
L 2 short bread biscuits beans on toast
T cheese + pickle sandwhich plus extra half

Thats my lot 4 2day hopefully
No gym cos my routine went abit off so 2day is rest day instead of yesterday

Busy day exercise wise
Spin class this morning
7.5km walk 2 hours later then another 3 km tonight in the heat. Was 75% humidity so couldn’t do any longer.

Food been good all day. Think I’ve clawed back the last few days of high calorie days. Or at least most of it

Starting to get really fed up of my weight loss now.
I know it’s a marathon and not sprint but I seem to put on weight so much quicker than I can lose it.
I havent been eating as much as I’ve wanted to but definitely been over what I should have.
I’ve put on about 5lbs in about 2 weeks which is ridiculous. It would take me so much longer to put that on.

I am on holiday now and as I didnt hit my target i kind of felt like what is the point in even trying. Now i feel crap as I look fat on my holiday.

Sorry for the woe is me post but I had to get it out.

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This is it. If it doesn’t go we say what’s the point. Been there many times and in ur case the holiday was coming so the feeling is what the hell. Been there many times. You need to refocus wen you get back on why you want to do this. Look at the intermittent fasting route as an option and explore the others out there. Plenty of advice around here as you know.
In saying that fcuk it and enjoy the holiday then start from scratch. Get a goal and aim for end of summer or even Xmas for where you want to be. Short term goals and that.

I kno what u mean it can b a right hard slog ur makin good progress tho. At the end of the day whether its afew lbs that way or the other u shudnt hav 2 feel bad bout urself. Ur workin hard n thats more 2b proud of then owt 2do with looks

Been v hungry 2day but resisted stuffing me face. Fruit, egg mayo sandwich, ONE biscuit. Probs shopping later

I seen my advisor person 2day 1st time in ages they asked if i lost more weight, i just awkwardly said something about the gym lol. Weird comment but i suppose it shows progress that they noticed

100% mate. I feel like crap and to be honest this is making me not enjoy my holiday, i know its stupid but i will look back at the photos and realise how bad i look, and feel a bit self conscious.
The diet I was on (just simple calorie counting) worked for me previously, i just felt like if i’m going to feel fat and i can only lose a couple of lbs a week it wouldn’t make a difference if i ate crap for a couple og days.

Thinking about booking another holiday in December so a long term goal to work till towards then, and maybe when my football season starts up I can set a new goal and top the weight loss league…

There you have it. Something to aim for. Now when I started this last August like when I knuckled down. My aim was 4 months away. A trip to Paris for Xmas. I didn’t want to be that guy beside her that didn’t fit in stuff. Lost what I aimed for and fortunately kept going. You’ll feel a lot better when you see it going down. Just limit the shit you know piles it on.
Also I’ve plenty of holidays away that I can’t even look at photos. One of a us on a catamaran in lanzarote. All hanging there. One of those motivators it is now. One thing I always say to myself now is how or why did I let my self get to where I was. I hope you will be asking this same questions to yourself by December.

Also use the football but get the activity up outside of the football. When I could play before I messed my knee I played once a week. Never enough. Something I would never have done is walk. I use a Fitbit and never in my life have I even chased steps. Now it’s usually a mission. Headphones in and walk for an hour or so and it takes the stress of a long day away.

What you weighing in at now biffs? Did I see a post where you were 18st. Helps to share those victories.

Yeah it is simple when you just put it in perspective. My problem is my girlfriend has kind of given up and basically said life is too short to diet and is just accepting her weight. Obviously I can’t tell her to lose weight so its hard - her weight doesnt bother me, if she is much bigger or smaller i would still want to be with her, but if she is eating crap, there goes my motivation.
I do go to the gym as well, I don’t just use football as my exercise, but it certainly is my most enjoyable (and it helps the fact that I weigh in there every week)

She is correct. Healthy lifestyle changes, on the other hand…

Had KFC for lunch today. 945 calories. Everything in moderation. Tuna salad later will balance that out…

Diet and healthy lifestyle changes are essentially the same thing really aren’t they though, just worded another way.
It’s still all calorie counting.

I tried KFC a few weeks back after not having for nearly 2 years. Nope didn’t miss it. Maybe it’s the Middle East