Summer challenge. Challenge yourself anything that you want to achieve between now and summer

My now wife is my motivator but she can also be the one to encourage the pizza etc. As she would crave it. It helps she wants to lose some also. You need that extra encouragement. Then there’s our daughter. Game changer.

Problem could be what’s going in then. May bank holiday wasn’t it you had a skinful. Those can add 6/7 lbs overnight. Beer and after beer takeaway.
Was chatting the other day. Myself when younger and out. Load of beer before going out load when out then chippy or pizza place on way home. Prob talking the guys of 4/5000 calorie day/night. But apt of ya find that normal no matter the size

Yeah, I know mate. I’m trying to get her back on it, not just for me but for her, I know how much better she would feel about herself if she did but trying to get a woman to lose weight is not a conversation you want to have… It will be the last conversation you have all day :rofl:

I’ve been out every weekend to be fair mate since the bank holiday weekend with birthdays, gigs etc.
I’ve been going downhill because of this. Most of the days drinking have been all day drinking. I don’t even think about the calories consumed when drinking to be fair as if you drink it and don’t eat it, it doesn’t fele as bad…

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I disagree. There’s things now that I would never eat & would always make my own healthier version. There’s things now that I would never eat or drink at all…

Must admit i havnt checked in a while. Sort of fell back in2 avoiding it when i had a break off logging food. Will try n do it this week.

That must b hard mate i can see how that convo is tricky 2 hav incase it gets took the wrong way. Good on her bein happy how she is but i can ses how it puts temptation in ur way. Especially if food related things is part of what u enjoy doin 2getha

When i was in a relationship my then gf actually didnt want me 2 loose weight so that was an extra reason not 2 at the time. Can b complicated eh

Life is the longest thing anyone will have and to purposefully shorten it is an irresponsible way of living. It took me 30 years to realise that.

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That’s a problem for me too mate. She says she likes me the way I am and she likes chunky guys (she might just be saying that or it could be that she just feels bad about herself) but if it’s not true I’d rather her just say that so it’s even more motivation

Its a tricky 1. My ex basically said that n i belived her cos at the end of the day if she wasnt in2 short fat lads she wudnt of got with me in the 1st place lol
I suppose 1 thinhs we probs all seen in some way or other is weigthloss can bring some of other ppls feelings + about u, themselfs, weight generally n that can b heavy no pun intended. Tryna deal with all ur own feelings about it then other ppls on top of it eh. Not easy all thos business is it!

If a girl loves you, she will like you however you are.

I’m not saying ‘don’t eat crap’, I am saying that there is a difference between ‘eating crap every now & then’ & ‘eating crap all the time’.

Nobody got fat because they ate one KFC meal, same as nobody got healthy on one salad.

I think it depends on what u choose and if u hav responsibilitys. But at the end of the day i want us all 2 choose happy lives however long they last. We all deserve that. Thats u @Josh
Surviving + thriving, livin life + lovin it :v::v::v:

People owe it to themselves. I’m 45. My father died aged 52, 20 years ago this Christmas Eve coming.

A younger brother at 37, anniversary of his death is nearly here.

Life isn’t too short, life can be tragically cut short.

I am so sorry for your losses that is terrible

Somtimes life can seem v fragile isnt it. Life can seem hard. But its all we got. So we can say 2 live 2 the full everyday + do what make u happy cos u just dunno whats round the corner

So far so good this week. Have kept within calorie allowance and have been to the gym.

Have a committee meeting at work tonight so have to avoid the biscuits and stopping off for a snack on the way home!

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Just Back from Dublin. Ate so much lovely food. Had a great time. Back on track from first thing tomorrow :muscle:


I been sooooo hungry 2day i think its this cold weather. Been good tho.
B Couple of cereal bars + fruit
L salad
T gonna hav tomato + rice soup with abit bread + cheese , nice

…opened a pack of jaffa cakes i rly can VERY easy scran the lot i am so hungry. Gonna go 2 bed 2 stop meself

B - 2 cereal bars
L egg salad
T not sure yet

Hard to stop at one with Jaffa cakes. Just ask @Darren_Welch he’s the expert on Jaffa cakes :joy:


Ah defo if was a mistake buyin them!!

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Pleased this week - kept within calorie allowance and lost 2lbs - need to keep it up!

Weekends are normally a challenge; however, we have nothing on that should cause any gluttony issues and I have to move some sofas so surely that will burn some calories!


Had a good week. Only ate cereal + yoghurt 2day n been at the gym cos am plannin a takeaway 2nite probably. Sensible tho . Gym class 2moro morning :disappointed: lol