Summer tournament 2019

looking for a link to sign up for the manchester summer tournament 2019 think its the in july

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Don’t think anything has been released yet other than the details of where/when it is, as it is a first come first served basis I am assuming that they will either post something on here or send an e-mail to all man v fat players at the same time and then let the black friday style stampeed to the web site begin.


Wish they would hurry up so we can arrange travel up

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i think the first come first serve but its abit crap

i think man vs fat should ask the league coach to submit the players so that why everybody gets a fair crack at it

It does seem a poor way to organise. Each league should be given a space for a team, anything after that could be a free for all space permitting.


totally agree m8

It does make sense giving every league one spot, I just wanna get signed so we can get train tickets up. At the minute London to Manchester is £25 but if it’s a week away your looking £80

Lads ask those in the know and get the info.

@MvFFootballHelp and @emma1 should be able to help

e-mail just been sent out about the tournament

Shhh don’t tell everyone, less people who check their emails, more chance we have of getting a space, lol!!

Come on mate, we want everyone to have a chance don’t we, Mind you I did read a league wants to enter 6 teams last week, so clearly most have adopted the ‘pull the ladder up jack’ approach.

So Just a couple for us from Wales despite us being a league of 80 players.

I’m only joking mate, I’m sure someone from every league would have noticed so whether we posted it or not they would know!! But I agree, there’s only one team from my league and I won’t be happy if we don’t get in and some leagues have 6!