Summer tournament 2019

looking for a link to sign up for the manchester summer tournament 2019 think its the in july

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Don’t think anything has been released yet other than the details of where/when it is, as it is a first come first served basis I am assuming that they will either post something on here or send an e-mail to all man v fat players at the same time and then let the black friday style stampeed to the web site begin.


Wish they would hurry up so we can arrange travel up

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i think the first come first serve but its abit crap

i think man vs fat should ask the league coach to submit the players so that why everybody gets a fair crack at it

It does seem a poor way to organise. Each league should be given a space for a team, anything after that could be a free for all space permitting.


totally agree m8

It does make sense giving every league one spot, I just wanna get signed so we can get train tickets up. At the minute London to Manchester is £25 but if it’s a week away your looking £80

Lads ask those in the know and get the info.

@MvFFootballHelp and @emma1 should be able to help

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e-mail just been sent out about the tournament

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Shhh don’t tell everyone, less people who check their emails, more chance we have of getting a space, lol!!

Come on mate, we want everyone to have a chance don’t we, Mind you I did read a league wants to enter 6 teams last week, so clearly most have adopted the ‘pull the ladder up jack’ approach.

So Just a couple for us from Wales despite us being a league of 80 players.

I’m only joking mate, I’m sure someone from every league would have noticed so whether we posted it or not they would know!! But I agree, there’s only one team from my league and I won’t be happy if we don’t get in and some leagues have 6!

i still think that each league, numbers permitting, should be given the opportunity to enter one team, do we have more than 80 leagues? if there are any spaces left after each league gets an entry then the rest should be either by ballot or first come first serve, Think we have enough in our league for two teams and obviously may not get any, but likewise, if one league ends up with 6 teams entered and other leagues don;t get any, it wouldn’t be very fair

was wondering what happens is you want to go but dont have a team from your league will there be a mixed team (players from all diffent leagues )

cause they is a chance some leagues might no be able to get a team but people would like to play

cheeky m8 haha

another e-mail has just come out saying that you can only pick players from the league that the captain is in, you have to pick them from a drop down list of players that are registered in that league, so no mixed league teams, also whoever is registering the team has to pay the entry fee for all of the players and spectators that they are taking when you register

good luck to everyone hoping to get a team entered for the Tournament in Manchester, guess with the amount of players wanting to get involved there are going to be some unhappy people later tonight. Hopefully things will be better next year in the way that it is organised and how the decision is made on who gets a place and who doesn’t. I think the majority of people agreed that there should be a place for every league as a minimum, think that is only fair so that every location has the chance to be represented, if they don’t want a space or there are spaces left over then offer them to other teams on a first come first serve basis. Am sure that whoever goes to the tournament will have a great day and it will be a brilliant experience, just hope I am one of them, if not then I’ll find something else to do that weekend,

anyone got through to the payment screen on registration yet??

All I keep getting is an error message each time I click complete registration

Me to been trying since 8