Swan League Week 10 2021

Hi all, getting close to the end of the season now. 2 more weeks to announce the biggest loser.

This weeks weight loss leaders were:

Cliff down 2.30 and Adam down 1.0

The impact of lockdowns on our mental health is a reason to eat well for our minds.

There is evidence that eating certain nutrients can bolster and improve your mental health.

They include:

  1. Folate- beef liver, Brussel sprouts, oranges, leafy greens

  2. Iron- pumpkin seeds, oysters, spinach, red meat

3)Magnesium- almonds, spinach, cashews

4)Potassium- fresh fruit and vegetables- bananas, sweet potato, broccoli and white beans

5)Selenium- mushrooms, Brazil nuts, oats

  1. Thiamine- beefs, nuts, legumes

  2. Vitamin A- liver, mackerel, wild caught salmon

  3. Vitamin B6- wholegrains, pork, eggs, peanuts, oats, bananas

  4. Vitamin B12- beef, beef liver, mussels, chicken, eggs, yoghurt,

  5. vitamin C -citrus fruits, strawberries, capsicum, brussel sprouts, potatoes

  6. zinc- pumpkin seeds, oysters, turkey, red meat, chicken, dairy, nuts and seeds

  7. omega 3 fats- seafood- wild salmon, anchovies, oysters

As you can see from the list above, these are all whole foods; lean meats, fruit and veg, dairy , nuts and seeds, its a no brainer that eating the foods that we have been designed to eat will be good for our brain.

On the contrary, eating too much sugar and fast carbs (processed carbs like cakes, biscuits , ice-cream ) too much omega 6 and trans fats, and processed meat can have a negative impact on our mental health by driving inflammation.

You can print off this list and put it on your fridge as a reminder to consume more of these brain promoting foods.