Swim Top?


So…I’m off to Center Parcs with the family which means daily trips to the water park…
I’m very body-conscious at the moment and need something that I can wear in the water that completely covers my top half. All I’ve managed to find thus far are tight-fitting swim tops - not an option!
Anyone know where I can get a loose-fitting, waterproof top? Do such things exist?? Cheers!


If you are really concerned, get yourself a ‘wicking’ tshirt, they tend to be polyester or nylon, both of which are waterproof, a quick amazon search and I found sizes up to 6xl so buy oversize if you don’t want it too form fitting.

I don’t think you are going to find loose fitting tops that are dedicated for swimming as anything loose fitting is going to create drag in the water making it harder to swim. Also the current fashion dictates that men swim topless (and has since the 50’s, this is obviously a problem for those of us with moobs, a gap in the market maybe!?!).

It is no fun being the fat lad at the swimming pool, I have been there done that but you also have to remember, that most of the ‘body shaming’ is in your own head, people aren’t judging you, they are on holiday enjoying themselves. You are going somewhere and doing exercise to get fitter and have a better body, you are also on ‘Man v Fat’ addressing your diet and weight-loss. Frankly anyone judging you negatively for doing that is just a dick and it is more of a problem with them, you shouldn’t let it impact your enjoyment of Centre Parcs!!

Anyway, rant over!! Have a great holiday topless or not.


I honestly think you’ll create more attention by wearing a top. No one cares about your excess weight. It’s more important about how you feel about the positive changes you’re making in your life.


I’m in the Middle East and is is always scorching. Visited few water parks over the last 2 years and always wear a tank top. Keeps the sun out as well. No one cares what you look like but it helps with own piece of mind


Loose fitting isn’t great in the water. A decent rash-vest will be snug, but will also protect you from the bumps and bruises on the slides. I quite often wear one for that reason.