Just a quick comment ( not sure if thats possible with me ) in regards to Swimming . Like a lot of people I thought swimming was boring but one thing I have noticed is Swimming is probably one of the most technically challenging sports to master well . Getting into the pool for the first time is a bit daunting for a lot of us especially when you see the really good guys churning up lap after lap . Swimming well is about efficiency in the water and learning to make yourself efficient is a goal in itself and a very rewarding one . It gives you a purpose other than excerise to be in the pool and gives you a focus . One site that I could encourage all the aqua enthusiasts or potential enthusiasts is http://www.swimsmooth.com/ . Like @Big_Fella said in a post, the motivation can lag off a bit ( in anything really ) but focussing on your technique can pay off big time and gives you another reason to hit the pool . Just doing a drill session with a set of flippers on is a nice change . I’ve also found the social aspect really good in pools with most people in the pool being " Amateurs " they are very happy to have a chat while recovering . Give it a go guys .


Like the look of this. I had good focus when I was training for a 100 length swim in March, since then it’s been hard to stay “on it”. I started on an 8 week swim programme improve overall strength and performance, but have stumbled at week 3, and backed of it. I need to get something that gives me swim plans/work out plans, that keep the interest and mixes it up. I’ll have a look at this. But for me…£9 per month, hmmmm.


I just subscribed to the basic version which I think in Queens money is 2 pound sterling a month . No contracts either . this has the drills that i need and some good technique vids .


About 7 years ago in my early 20s I was a entertainer and in the hotel I was based at for 7 months there was a pool, well seeing as my days on average where about 14hrs long I would take my down time in the pool. Around 4months in I had lost quite some weight but the most noticeable think was the muscle mass in my upper body, shirts that where made for me where now uncomfortably tight on my upper arms. My stamina was much higher and all this without actually trying to do anything but enjoy a swim. If I wasn’t so upset with my body today, swimming would be my first choice of exercise forever!


I love swimming, however I have always found it incredibly boring until i invested in some waterproof wireless headphones. Truly brilliant, listen to an audio book or some heart pumping music it has certainly made my swimming more interesting.


I like the idea of swimming, unfortunately I can barely swim, and the most t pale person you’ll ever see and am self conscious about my nips.

I do take my 3 year old to the pool on Sundays though


Hi @Steve_Jubb , what brand were the headphones ? I don’t find the swimming that boring as I solve most of the worlds problems when swimming . The world might be worse off for it but I have considered getting a pair of these headphones to mix it up a bit .


Get your arse back in the Pool @PaulJames86 . You look and sound like you could be a swimming machine . I can’t encourage you enough to focus on your technique as a way of having a goal to aim at in the pool . Sounds like you can keep yourself afloat . Its summer over your way so maybe aim at an open water swim near you and give it a crack. It’s ok to be upset with your body , I’d say most of us here would be ,the only thing I could say is don’t let that upset stop you from doing something about it . Your a gun Jamesy , I want to hear about you mixing it up in the pool and how you go elbowing your way through the field at an open water swim . Go you good thing !


Mate !!! you look like an amazing triathlete if thats you in the profile pic ( I actually do wear a helmet with antenna hanging out of it ) If you are down at your local pool with your 3 yr old then check out if they run an adult swimming coaching class . Learn to get some basics and the Swimsmooth site has a lot of this on it to read up on . I understand about the skin, nips thing believe me but one thing I found is the quicker we start realising that people are not thinking about us they are more concerned about what we are thinking about them, then we can just get on with it . You’re an amazing loser ( in the better sense ) just realise no one cares about how white you may be or what your nips look like they just want to know what you think of them and you’re not at the pool to do that . Like they say Just Do It ! 12 months hitting the pool from now you’ll be posting how your first triathlon went or something like that . Go and Do !


Well nothing more to say! Love this pick me up reply! Just been looking at all my local pools, thank you :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Absolutely. Get in there. I started back in Jan, first time for 3 years, lugging 18 stone through he water…now lugging 40lbs less than that! Do it do do it!


We want a report about when you first get in and how it felt too mate ! Bring us along with you . I’m off to the pool again tonight maybe we form a swimming sub group within MVF ? hey @Big_Fella


yup yup yup. lets do that!


Don’t forget I’m also recruiting for my English Channel swim in 2017…


Second @ANT’s request for a make/model!


I’ll take a look into it, it would be great to be a stronger swimmer. It’s important to me to make sure my son understands the importance or sports and being active.


I purchased The Sony swimming head phones, they were on sale and I got them for about £60

They really are good, however i would recommend wearing a swimming hat as it keep them in much better than just your goggle strap. (although i do have odd shaped ears).

You can spend more if you want to, but I was more than happy with this pair. The sound quality was good good even after multiple lengths of the pool. I don’t recommend diving with them on though or seriously rapid swimming as despite all the best intentions they do fall off once in a while.


Hi, @Steve_Jubb. The reason, that you feel boring, is that you don’t have a target. My swimming plan is 1000m freestyle or breast stroke per day. I always set the workout target on my COUNTU Goal as 40 laps, and go swimming. I’ll not stop until COUNTU Goal vibrate alarm me. It always takes about 19-20 minutes.
So please set a target, and then you will not feel boring.
Hope helpful.


I used to love swimming but I really struggle now, not sure if my swimming is just getting worse or if it’s my asthma or what but I really struggle to breathe when I’m swimming, I can barely even do a length, that’s why I’ve given up on it recently which is a shame