TALK ABOUT IT MATE - Mental Health Support Group

Hi Everybody,

ManVFat has been a great confidence booster for me since I joined over a year ago while living in London and I have continued playing in the Salford and now Manchester leagues. As someone who has experienced and managed both anxiety and depression and who is training with a view to becoming a counsellor in the future I started a support group to raise awareness and help others.

I just wanted to share details of my MeetUp group which I have been running since October and I feel could be beneficial for some ManVFat members. If you have experienced any kind of issue linked to your mental health and well-being or feel you would like to learn more then feel free to get in touch and join the group or share with others you feel could benefit. I usually run events in either Manchester City Centre or Fallowfield on a monthly basis.

April Meetup

Friday, April 13, 2018
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
The Waterhouse (Wetherspoons) 67-71 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4EG
RSVP via the MeetUp app (see link above)

Hi Mate!

Looking for a friendly non-judgemental environment in which to meet others who have experienced different issues?
Both men and women are welcome!

Join us at a Talk About It, Mate meetup to share your experiences, make new friends, have a laugh and support each other.

Whatever you think is troubling you or holding you back in life, meet with others who will show understanding and support. Whatever your issue, if you think you could benefit from widening your network then Talk About It, Mate could be a great place for you to start!

• Looking to meet others who could show understanding of your issues?

• Find it hard to discuss your issues with some of those close to you?

• Want to meet in a friendly, non-clinical environment?

Then join today and attend one of our upcoming meetups!




Hi mike
Good luck with the meet ups, a good cause and good to get people talking; there are a lot of us out there.
In fact, there are quite a lot of us in here, in the forum.
I was wondering if @admin would let you set up a private group, membership by invitation only as and when we come across guys who raise the issue on here.
What do you think? An online meet up, support group?

Thanks Mike - as @phippsy62 says there are a lot of men both on the forum and across the leagues who have experienced mental health issues. Frankly, it feels more like everyone has at some point either experienced it themselves or have one of their nearest and dearest go through it.

Good luck with the meetup idea, it’s a tough thing to crack but the only way you find out is by giving it a go. I’m keen to keep these discussions on the main forum @phippsy62 - just because I think hiding it away (although it might broach the conversations) serves to keep it as a bit of a dark secret, which personally I feel is a step backwards.

Fair point.
An open forum promotes more involvement

Thanks for the replies. Yeah I just thought I’d share to get the idea out there.

I’m not the most confident when it comes to promoting myself and my ideas but this is something I’m really passionate about and have lived experience of so I have been encouraged by a few of the guys to share with the MvF community!

I think it links really well with weight loss when talking about confidence and self-esteem and other barriers to progress.

Like I said, please spread the word as I would love to meet more MvF guys at my future meetups!

Any other ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thats a good idea. I hav been diagnosed with a horrible mental illness its so horrible i dont even want to say it. I have been sectioned before it was terrible. Mental illness effected my life so much I hate it.Hospitals n anti psychotic meds in mental health teams n that ok it has a place but I reckon talking especially w ppl whos been thru similar thing is really v helpful