Target reached 10stone loss since newyear


I would like too welcome all new comers on manvfat where ever you are currently living in the UK …

My name’s Andrew field
Westbrom manvfat

I set out my own personal target of coming from 33stone too 23stone
Took me a lot of hard work and wanting too lose too be a success but I did it in 11months and 17days …
Now I say too you lads go set a target and chase your dreams … I have come from can’t get own socks on and shoes too a person who is now fit as a flee and a valued member of the team not only on the weight loss side but also a footballer

I went about it and did my thing now you lads go get your targets …

I won’t be stopping here still along way too go but next target will be 20stone for May …

Thank you all

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Absolutely awesome very well done


Absolutely brilliant Andrew - well done and keep it up.


Outstanding :+1:

Can you give more info on your diet and exercise plan?


Excellent work. Hints and tips?


Bravo. To put it into perspective, you have lost half of what was my starting weight!

An amazing achievement, now go for the 20stone, then go for the healthy BMI.


Sterling effort, well done, mate!


Thats incredible, fair play to you sir!!!