Taunton league 08/03/20 - what's measured is managed, tracking really does work

Second week back and I’m getting a bit more into the groove so it was great to be able to take the time to look through so many food diaries today gents. Well done to all those that have lost weight this week with special mention to Andy C for hitting his 5% and getting a hatrick along with Matt H, Calum B, Greig P, Jack B, James D, and Andy P for also getting hatricks this week.
Another special shout out has to go to Andy P who quite rightly said that today’s loss takes him over the 20kgs mark since starting with the league in August 2018. That’s over 18% of his starting body weight gone which is fantastic so well done mate.
As you can see from the title of this post I’m a firm believer in using food diaries to record your food and drink intake, as well as weekly activity levels. As I mentioned last week creating a calorie deficit is essential to losing weight and fat and the first place to start has to be knowing what’s going in. Without knowing what you’re putting into you’re bodies it is virtually impossible to effectively know what to expect in terms of weight loss so using a food diary and tracking your intake you put yourself in a much better position to achieve your goals.
I’ve always said that if you track effectively there really shouldn’t be any surprises when you stand on the scales and that is generally shown on a Sunday morning. Obviously this works both ways cos if you know you’ve had a crap week you’re not particularly surprised when the scales confirm that with a gain and one thing is for sure we all have bad weeks from time to time so there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it. The best step is to put that result behind you and use the knowledge that you have and make the right decisions this week to achieve the result you want.
Feel free to contact me or use your team mates or the many thousands of guys on this forum if you ever want any more information/advice because there is always going to be someone out there that will be able to help. You’ve all got my number through the WhatsApp group or you can email me via roger@manvfat.com and I’ll always help in every way I can.
We obviously provide the food diary sheets to use in your folders but there are any number of apps out there that will help you and I’m more than happy if you use something like myfitnesspal for you to write the number of calories per day in your food diary and then show me the app for instance so that we can use the information to help you keep moving forward.
Another thing I would say is don’t get worked up if you have one bad day in the week. I have often used the analogy of a vase of flowers in that if one flower died you wouldn’t throw the whole vase away would you? You’d just pick out the dead one and leave the rest surely? In much the same way if you have one bad day remember that there are another 6 days in the week and just try and make some adjustments in those days to hopefully mitigate the bad day and achieve the results on a Sunday morning.
This also works if you know you have an event during the week that is going to spike your calorie intake e.g. working away for a couple of days, a party/function that you need to attend or even just a night on the lash :grinning: . Using the knowledge that you’re going to have a bad one can help you make those adjustments in the days leading up to it so that your overall intake for the week is balanced out.
Here’s link from the NHS website that gives an indication of what 100 calories look like, some of the may surprise you…

As you’ll all be aware this week was the last week of the regular league so congratulations to Hardly Athletic on winning the overall league. Looking at the other tables it’s clear that they’ve bossed the weight loss over the last 9 weeks so well done gents.
We’re having a bring a friend style taster session next week so please spread the word to anyone you know that would benefit from taking part and starting the journey towards a lighter, fitter and healthier life and get them to sign up using the link below:
As I mentioned in the WA group yesterday all current players looking to take part next week also have to register on the event page too please gents. Not only does this allow me to see how many to expect but it also looks good to anyone else signing up to see as many names as possible.

After that we’ll have a 4 week Cup competition to end this season so I’ll sort those fixtures out during the course of this week and let you know when they have been put on the system gents.

Man of the match awards for on pitch performance this week are:
Callum H - Scoffenheim as awarded by Red Leicester
Jason H - Chipswich as awarded by Hardly Athletic
Andy C - Hardly Athletic as awarded by Chipswich
TBC - Red Leicester as awarded by Scoffenheim

Apologies for the cock up with the scores today gents, I’ll make sure that I enter them correctly going forward :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Full results and league tables can be found on our league homepage www.manvfatfootball.org/taunton