Telford enters season 3 player progress



A check in on some great progress for Dave well done on progress to date :clap:
I first heard of man v fat on a program on the bbc then later via facebook, I have struggled with my weight all of my life but was at my heaviest last year, I had tried several different weight loss groups but always felt the odd one out being male and didn’t have allot in common with the other members, even tho I had no interest in football and hadn’t played before I liked the idea of been in a male only group and losing weight as part of a team.
I have really enjoyed the last 6-8 months and have lost the most weight ever being part of a group, our team have jelled well over 2 seasons and I have made new friends out of it.
I have lost 7 stone 5 pound so far through changing my diet and through excersise.
The rest of the team and players in other teams have been really encouraging and knowing that my weight loss helps the teams score keeps me motivated.
I feel so much better already I can walk the kids to school without lower back pain, I can join in with my kids more and can help out more when on mixed family camping holidays.
I have cut down on fast food and takeaways and im cooking more and doing light exercises. I still enjoy a treat once a week and a few beers at the weekend but have cut that down slightly.
The advice I would give to other men who want to lose weight and are looking at man v fat is give it a go, even if you have never played football, the teams are very mixed abilities, you can play at your own level for as little or as long as you want.
In a year I hope to be at at my target weight of 18 stone and be able to do the zip world zip line in wales which has a weight limet iv never reached before.
Friends and family always tell me im looking well and people say they don’t recognise me from a distance anymore. People who I havnt seen for a while comment on how much weight iv lost, my family now comment how I make them do excersise now instead of the other way round.


Keep it up Dave :+1:


Well done Dave fantastic mate


Well done mate x