Telford week 4 weight loss up to 96.8kg

Challenging week this week on the scales as the lockdown restrictions lifting has meant more social gatherings more drinks, meals out, house type gatherings and a lot more food intake.

There was an increase in tracking with 14 players tracking this week so we are starting to see more players getting closer to owning there results and progress.

Weight loss by team cumulative
Greens 12.8kg
Orange 9kg
Yellow 15.1kg
Blue 18.9kg
Red 28.3kg
Black 9.2kg

Weight loss team of the week this week

  1. Michael Dudley 2.2kg
  2. Mike Bowness 2.2kg following on from a 5% last week
  3. Borja Barnils Ruiz 1.8kg
  4. Ben Jones 1.6kg
  5. Joshua Richardson 1.6kg
  6. Ben Dowling Jones 1.6kg

Some great results and in majority of cases where tracking is being done which shows the link between results and tracking intake and exercise.

Bank holiday this week so on top of rolling over the tracking challenge of 3 goals If all team track intake another little challenge to keep you on track there will be a bonus goal if as a team you lost over 3kg combined on next weeks weigh in.

Next week should be interesting red and yellow go head to head with both occupying top two on the overall league seperated only by goal difference.