Telford week 5

A mixed scales week following bank holiday weekend we sit just under 100kg for the season

The red team got the extra bonus goal today for 3kg loss as a team over bank holiday and looked like this had the desired impact with helping 2 x 5% weight losses for ben Jones and James Stuart well done both.

Score overall 16-4 where weight loss helped secure the win when was 4-2 on the pitch.

The green team got the 3 extra goals for tracking which helped them to an 11-5 win over blues following on from
A 4-2 pitch game.

Lastly we had oranges and blacks both short on numbers but a lot of pitch effort with oranges coming out winners 7-3 overall.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Andy Farrell 2kg loss
  2. Ben jones 2kg loss and 5%
  3. rich Martin 2kg loss
  4. James Stuart 1.8kg loss and 5%
  5. Michael Dudley 1.8kg loss hattrick week