Telford week 6

Some greatly contested matches on the pitch tonight which takes it back to the scales which is the principle of manvfat football.

33kg weight loss this week a great achievement all.

Our first match of the night saw blacks v yellow, a close encounter finished 6-4 to blacks on the pitch but was overturned on the scales by the yellow team with 3 hattricks. A great game and result turn around.

Next up was blue team vs the orange team, a 6-6 pitch draw very entertaining right to the finish and again went to the scales to seen which way it would go, despite 5 losses by orange team on scales and 3 hattricks it
Wasn’t enough as the blue team scored 13 weight loss goals with 2 x 5%s for Ben Dorsett and josh Richardson and 3 hattricks for the team. Scales deciding a competitive game.

Last up we had reds v greens end to end and I think the woodwork took a battering, it finished 4-3 to the reds and a 5% by Sean Mcfarlane helped seal the result.

Weight loss by team
Greens 17kg for season, 5.4kg tonight
Oranges 11.1kg for season, 5.2kg tonight
Yellows 21.2kg for season, 3.9kg tonight
Blues 29.6kg for season, 9.8kg tonight
Red 38.9kg for season, 7.2kg tonight
Black 11.2kg for season, 2.6kg tonight

Lot of socials at the moment but still some great scales efforts by all, offset the higher calorie days with exercise and lower calorie planning.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Gagandeep Dhatt 2.5kg Loss
  2. mark Hilton 2.1kg loss
  3. mike Bowness 2kg loss
  4. John price 2kg loss
  5. Rory hunter 2kg loss
  6. Craig Rayner 1.8kg loss

Reds and greens both all over the tracking and getting the extra tracking goals to boost goals and get that bit closer to our progress each day

Next week is cup week and fixtures will
Be up shortly