Thanks for the advice and comments last few weeks

Hi guys,
In the final week in the first season at West Brom I pulled off a 3.5kg loss taking me down to 124kg I started season at 133.5kg. So I gained my 5% :+1:t2:
Ropey journey up and down but got there in the end took on all advice form simple changing crisps to space raiders as low kcal and drinking more water and remembering my “why” from my great coach @nglover1979 and also top help form my team mate Andrew Field we message daily talk about food, moods excersize etc, thanks to my team in season one been up and downs but we got there :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Well done great achievement kept going through the season and took on any advice and challenged yourself with a second league which gave more challenges and more support network and using this resource has opened that support network further and helped you get your rewards of 5%

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