The Amazing Loser badge


Hola peeps - we’ve created a new badge on the site so that you can see the Amazing Losers who are active on the site and be awed by their presence.

In all seriousness, one of the things that makes MVF special is the presence of guys who’ve already won their battle against fat and who stick around to help the rest of us.

Let’s be truthful - these guys are still human, they make mistakes the same as the rest of us and you should always question everything you’re told and whether it’s right for you whether it’s info from an Amazing Loser, a GP, your partner, whoever.

Anyway, I’m personally very grateful to have these guys on the site. If you’ve been featured on the MVF site as an Amazing Loser then just shout and I’ll award you the badge.

@geoffbeckett you’ve got yours!


I want me one of those. Another 3 stone to go.


Vote for @CatManDo please @admin - have you seen how much this guy has moved!!


Congratulations to @geoffbeckett you deserve your badge.


Vote of confidence much appreciated but mine will only be earned when I’ve finished the job. Cheers though. In fairness with my relationship with shit food I’ll always need to be reporting for duty on this site.


If all goes to plan I’ll need mine in June/July.


Love my Amazing Loser badge. Thank you


Only a thought but should these not be Amazing Winners , rather than losers ?


Hi can i please have a amazing loser badge :grin:


@admin can i have a amazing loser badge please



They’re changing the badge system at the minute, mate, this one might be affected too.