The Butt-Kicking Magic Of Before And After Pictures

bugger me Geoff - that’s 3 stones in old money!!

Way to go fella. Is that you stopped now or you looking to lose more?

I’ve got a before and a during. Starting weight well over 22 stone. Weight when I bought scales on 5th August 22 stone dead. Currently 18 stone. Goal 13 stone.


I’m currently at 91kg. My initial goal was 90 but of course now I’m here I’m not happy so I’ll keep going until I see all those abs!


Amazing mate.

Looking good there pal ! What a difference

Cheers @StokieDan I’ve had my hair cut. :sunglasses:

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I thought I noticed something different about you !

come on. we can do it. we need to look at those photos again and think positive. im off to the states in april for my brothers wedding. i want to look and feel sharp.

Fantastic pics. Well done.

How long between these photos? You must feel sooo much better now? That really is incredible.

@geoffbeckett. These were taken when my kids were 2… The twins are now 4. It’s funny. It got worse. Perhaps not on my face but I’ve got my before and after photos that I took when I decided to lose weight on 5th August 2015 taken from every angle with only a pair of pants on that I recreate every month where my belly is much worse. I’m not sure why the brain works this way but when I looked at photos I did not see how big I was. Now I have decided to lose weight I can see exactly how enormous I was. The pants only photos are something to behold (not ready for net publication yet!) but the weight I’d lost from my chest and face from this “before” picture had moved to my belly with interest and I swear to god I looked like this

We really do get blind to our size don’t we? It should be mandatory to have to look at your self naked in a mirror once a month.

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Cripes @CatManDo that’s one hell of a change there fella.

Well done. How have you managed that then - you look much better for it.


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I must admit when I took my ‘before’ photo I was trying to find reasons why it made me look worse than what I actually look(ed) like.

I looked at myself in the mirror fairly regularly and obviously I was never happy but for some reason the photo just made it look 10x worse.

Hopefully the next time I take that photo it’ll look at least somewhat different.

@CatManDo great photos mate

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@bignorthernlad. I was knackered ALL the time which would lead to me being grumpy round the wife and kids. My job was full on and I got no rest at the weekend. As my wife was with the kids all week the weekends were for “fun” with the family which I just wasn’t enjoying. I was living down south but working in Nottingham and ate to calm myself down. When I changed jobs and got a job in London I started eating even more as there was so much availability. I started to get really down but at the same time I started thinking about the implications of it getting worse but at the same time what an alternative could look like. I spent a month or so researching and lurking and thinking about strategies and most of all what got in the way when I had failed before. I then set some goals. Wrote them down, got pictures etc. Most of them were child like; run, climb, jump etc so I could be a better dad. I then wrote a whole series of rules.

3 x 36 hours fasts a week.
Never eat between meals
Don’t eat white bread
2 x cheat meals a week - Eat WHATEVER I want at those meals
Don’t eat chips unless it’s a Saturday
Eliminate Sugar completely even in fruit.
Eat loads of veg on non fast days
Drink only water
Do not eat Proteins or fats with Potatoes Bread or Pasta in the same meal - If you can’t do proteins - Carb thing eat a simple brown bread sandwich.
No puddings
No mushrooms
Do weights 3x a week
Do HIIT cardio 3x per week.

A lot are illogical and contradict each other but they are things I can decide and I know I can do but the cheat day means that however hard it is I’m only a Saturday away from a fry up and a takeaway or eating stuff on my own banned list.

So the simple answer is that I just keep doing them over and over again and keep reading and thinking about my goals and actions. Also if I make mistakes I don’t beat myself up. I just carry on with the plan at the next meal without beating my self up. I was fking brilliant at getting fat so I am going to use the same personality traits to be fking brilliant at getting it off.

I also use myfitness pal to work out that I was doing about 7000 calories per day at my worst and on non fast days I now do 1500. Zero on fast days and 3500 on cheat days.


I got a call from my PR guy at work today. “Great news! I got one of your articles published.”

So I went online and checked it out: Crap! That picture was from when I weighed 245lb. Jeez, that was a jolt to the system. I’m going to have to get some new pics for him


why no mushrooms?


Read a book called the Harcombe diet for men.

Basically it was a bit wierdy beardy but made a lot of sense.

It recommended that you never eat protein and fat meals with heavy carbs. Pasta, potatoes, rice, bread.

It has 3 stages.

The first is for a week when you are really strict.

Mushrooms apparently help fuel bread cravings and I am a massive bread fan.

They also fuel athletes foot which I had.

So while I don’t stick to all the Harcombe rules now this is one that has stick just because I don’t want to crave any more bread than I naturally would.

What this book really did for me is help me set up a series of food rules for me that have become habits. Not all of these are logical but they are easy for me to follow and add up to the overall plan.

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Very interesting. I love rooms… I’ve started cooking up pans of garlic mushrooms just for myself as a treat.

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Not sure about the mushrooms>athletes foot connection. I love them. They’re my bacon/sausage substitute at cooked breakfasts.