The End to another season

What happens next…
Wednesday the 15th is friendly week as well as bring a friend week, so if you know of anyone interested in joining the league bring them along to have a game of football and see what the programmes all about.

Wednesday the 22nd is Presentation/ registration night where winning teams and individuals will collect their medals, as well as a short slideshow to watch which has all the information about the league and finally players will weigh in for the new season.

I’d like to say a massive well done to you all, another great season for weight loss loosing a total of 329.51 kg:astonished::astonished:

Well done this week to Andy Drake and Emmanouil Theofilos on reaching their 5%, also well done to Mark Docherty and Craig Sutton on reaching their 10% :clap::clap:

The Winning Teams:trophy:
Well done to Borussia Doughnut on winning the combined on the pitch and scales, they were closely followed by MK Donalds

Well done to Borussia Doughnut on winning on the pitch, very closely followed by Pathetico Madrid

Well done to FC Twente Stone on winning on the scales, closely followed by KFC Wimbledon

See you all at Presentation night :wave: