The first ever Roger Smith Charity Cup Final!

If you’re lucky, every now and again you might meet someone whose energy, drive and commitment to try and make life better for others is a real inspiration, that person for me and luckily other MVF players in the South West and South Wales is is chap called ROGER SMITH.

Roger has a family of his own but helping fostering of children is not a problem for Roger and his wife, Roger has a busy demanding job as a manager of a shopping centre but helping setting up and running MVF leagues in Bridgwater, Yeovil, Weston Super Mare, Exeter and Cardiff wasn’t a problem, also pushing the MVF message on radio, local and national TV wasn’t a problem for Roger.
He has help hundreds of us fat blokes improve our lives and given countless children security and support when they most needed it but what was a problem for Roger was catching a virus which has resulted him developing CFS/ME, which has robbed him of all his energy and left him currently a shadow of his former self.

But Roger being Roger is still active behind the scenes, regularly posting on here and helps keep the south west leagues running smoothly, he won’t let CFS/ME beat him, he is determined to recover.

So when Cardiff MVF asked if we fancied a friendly 11 aside game, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to recognise all the hard work Roger has done and created the Roger Smith Charity Cup.

If the Bicester league hadn’t had to go on a stag do and postpone their intended game against Cardiff, this may have not ever happened, so congrats to the bride and groom, whoever you are!!!

The intention is for this cup final to happen at least twice a year, with the winning team choosing a charity to raise funds for and the winning team holding on the the trophy, oh yes, we are playing for a real cup, it’s amazing how more interesting a game gets when there is something shiny to play for!!!

We’ve asked Roger to nominate the first charity that we will be raising funds for and he has chosen Action for M.E.

If you’ve ever met Roger or played in one of the leagues he’s helped and feel like donating then the link to Just Giving page is…

Or maybe you could set up your own version of this cup?


I would so love to be involved in this next time had no idea til @Hunter told us last week will be donating and thinking @smithr82 on Saturday
Bloke a legend :clap::clap:


Cheers mate, there will be another match later in the year


We at Cardiff are proud to host Bridgewater for the first of I’m sure, many Roger Smith Cup matches.

Having met Roger a many times now, not only is he a lovely guy and a credit to Man v Fat but personally helped me personally right at the very beginning of my Man v Fat journey. I remember our 1st one to one Chat very well back at Grange Gardens in week 1 of season 1 where I had told Roger after my first weightloss week of MvF that despite losing a lot of weight in my first week, I was having dizzy spells. (I’m sure Roger May remember this chat) This was evident by our 1st match I played in, i was physically drained.

So Roger being Roger pulled me aside and gave me some very good advice, support but reminded me that losing weight was a marathon not a sprint. Something that didn’t occur to me at the time. I wanted the lbs gone. So as a result of just that chat, it changed my whole outlook on how I went about my weightloss. I believe the our Club had a hour slot that evening at the time and I took up 10mins of his time myself despite him hoping to spread himself around and speak with what was a good 30 guys back then all wanting to speak & pick his brains. He must have realised I needed someone or something and he gave me that. Something I’ll never forget!

So Rog, I’ll never forget that chat, advice & support because had you not gave me it I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed the way I went about losing the weight, therefore I don’t think wouldn’t be writing this post able to say after losing over 4 stone (58lbs) I’m on the maintenance programme and achieved this doing it the right way. Thank you buddy. You’re a hero to me & so many other men!

So for us at Cardiff to host the 1st ever Roger Smith Cup was a no brainer for me and our lads. Soon as Andy at Bridgewater MvF suggested it to me, there was only going to be one answer. We have such a tight group of men down with us who are also all very proud to play and raise money for Roger and his chosen charity and we actually cant wait for the 2nd leg already back at Bridgewater in the not to distant future.

Although it’s unlikely, I would have loved to see the legend at the game this week but if not I’m sure we will get to see you at the 2nd leg and have a pic or 2. It’s been a while :wink:

But a huge thanks to Andy and all at MvF Bridgewater for the opportunity for us in Cardiff to get involved in such a landmark fixture and hopefully we raise as much money as possible for our dear friend Roger and his Charity Action for M.E.

Please dig deep peeps, every penny counts!

From all of us at Cardiff, thank you.



Thanks @maxi-83, i remember that chat well(especially telling you to listen to your mum too :grin::grin::grin:) but you’ve done all the hard work since and are just the rewards you deserve mate so well done to you.
Saturday might be a stretch too far for me at the minute but @forestcanrun has a space on the car if I can make it. If not we’ll catch up properly soon enough.
Take care mate


We all love @smithr82 in Cardiff. Can’t wait for this fixture, and the return leg!


Catch up soon mate I’m sure

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Hi Roger. We met once at St George’s Park in 2017 at the Man v Fat Football December tournament.
I’ve admired your drive from afar and have seen the beam of love for all you do as it has shot out of your heart.
You are a rare person whom people feel and easily love. What you do for people comes with no label or condition as it makes the journey out of your soul into the very real lives of all around you.
In these times when people find it hard to give freely, you have an abundant quality to give that is endless.
You are a rare diamond in this world Roger and I wish you all the best for now and the future.


Wow, what can I say in reply to that other than thank you so much for the kind words.
I hope you’re well mate

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I am very well thanks mate and looking forward to Aston Villa taking on the best and brightest that planet football has to offer!