The FitMen Revolution


Hi brothers.

My name is Giuliano Mateas, and together with my brother Angelo Mateas have started a movement which we hope to get to a global scale. As all great things, we have to start small.

I found this blog through the help of one of my clients I’ve worked with as a personal trainer a while ago. I made a note of it and now that we’ve started our mission, it was the best time to join.

so me and my brother form BROFIT
Two brothers sharing the same burning passion for fitness and every aspect of it.

We’re going to introduce ourselves one by one. Before we go ahead and introduce each other we just want to tell you how BROFIT came together and why we do what we do.

It all started with a badminton game…

(Just keep reading, it’ll make complete sense)

We decided to go and play badminton on Angelo’s birthday. Just us two, spending some time having fun.

As soon as we arrived at the Leisure Club, there were 12 men already playing in 3 teams of 4. We took our own court and started warming up. In the meanwhile, we noticed something that really grabbed our attention.

Out of the 12 men already playing before us, 10 had a belly.

We were wearing vests that were showing a lot of the upper body and at the moment we took our jackets off, almost everyone else turned around and started chatting about what they were seeing.

We suddenly have become the freaks, the not-so-normal guys, just because we looked fit and a bit more muscular than average.

An that moment we stopped playing, we went to discuss on the side of our court:

„How can we make these men feel like they can actually achieve this too if they wanted to?”

„How can we change the normal belly standard to a normal fit standard?”

If the average was 10 out of 12 having a belly, our mission has become to help reduce the numbers to only 2 having a belly, 10 being fit.

That’s how “FitMen Revolution” became a thing

''I made a career from my story, so it’s worth sharing it with you. For the past few years, I managed to take my body to its maximum athletic performance by competing in men’s physique contests where I placed 3rd in Europe at the IFBB Arnold Classic and 1st in the UK getting the title of British Champion.
You can check my instagram @mateasgiuliano

I previously worked as a full-time Personal Trainer, coaching between 6 to 8 different clients on a daily basis.

My main area of focus has been nutrition, as I always believed that “we are what we eat”.

I was fascinated by the fact that from the moment food enters your mouth it will trigger an effect on the entire body: energy levels changes, emotional state changes, your hormonal balance changes, ultimately all affecting how you feel and how your outer shell looks like.

My results required advanced strategies of training and nutrition but the foundations were and will always be the same. And this is what most people lack. It’s not that we lack motivation, discipline or drive…is that people constantly keep taking the wrong advice. They listen to someone at the gym or the latest rumours on the internet.

A few word about my brother, Angelo Mateas

"We all have an idea of how a man should live his life. Since I’ve known myself I was obsessed with the thought of growing up to be a real man.

But what was a real man in my eyes? Simply put, the man that takes care of himself, of his body and mind and builds a successful career for himself and for his family.

Sounds all simple when put together, but in reality, there is a lot going on in the 18 hours I spend awake.

  • Working out 4 to 5 times a week
  • Cooking and prepping 6 meals/day
  • Having a full-time job
  • Having a wife to spend time with
  • Having a business to build, books to read,
  • Online courses like the one you read now to create
  • Blogs to write, social media to manage
  • Meetings to attend

…and the list goes on and on…

The secret to managing all of the above is simple, and to be honest not so much a secret. You need great amounts of energy, you need your body to function at its best.

I worked as a full-time Personal Trainer and coached clients with bodies of all shapes, sizes and unique needs. I’m now working in an office but also provide personal training services outside office hours.

When it comes to training, I’ve always been a geek, learning and implementing better ways to train the body to produce a change. The goal was to make every minute in the gym as effective as possible.

I’m going through the same routine most people do.

Thank you for following this topic if you’ve managed to read everything through. We’re on a mission to change the norms, it’s not going to be easy, hence…we encourage everyone that has questions about weight loss to just ask questions.

Any questions about anything, feel free to ask

We’re all brothers here!