The Flu is getting serious this year


Hello all,

Just a heads up on the flu:

I know most of you are in the UK. But this can apply to you as well. Get your flu shots, stay home if your sick, wash your hands, if your sick for more then a week go see a doctor.


Yup, my mum and mrs both have it


Yep, it’s definitely a bad year everywhere. My son was hit pretty hard for about three weeks. My parents have had their vaccines.


T in this fever “Chikungunia” has a major impact to the society. Lots of people suffered for this kind of Fever.


That’s irritating. How to get rid of this?


Took me three weeks, and I think it’ll be another three before I’m really myself again. Just ride it out.


3 weeks to recover yourself?


Yeah, but TBH it’ll be another three before I’m back to where I was before it started.


yes, that legitimate.


I’m going to go ahead and give this topic a bump. Last year, 80,000 people died here in the US. That’s a record high.

My source:

I’ve already gotten my flu shot this year, as my company gave them out for free. But even if I hadn’t, I think I’d go get it at my local drug store. Seriously folks, don’t take it lightly.

Wash your hands, isolate yourself if your sick, and work with herd immunity.