The New Guy


Alright chaps,

Just signed up for the Hinckley leauge Looking forward to getting started when my leauge starts.

Just a bit about myself. I was always relatively slim into my early 20s 10st 12lb and 5ft 6 1/2 (everybit counts haha) i slowly gained weight and by 29 i was 17st dead and a mess. The past 3 years ive worked had and got back to 12st 10lb. But recently ive lost some motivation and my job has taken me back on the road to where all the service stations are abd ive started to slip back and i’m currently 13st 4lb and terrified of slipping any further.

So hopefully this will refocus me and give me more targets, support and a hell of a lot of fun.

See some of you out on the pitch.


From Another Other New Guy,

Also just signed up for the Hinckley League can’t wait to get started, just reached the heaviest I’ve been a whopping 17 st 9 lbs at 42 years of age. I’ve started the healthy eating and cut out the rubbish but hoping to get the extra motivation through MANvFAT.

Looking forward to getting started and smashing the weight off and playing football again.

See you out there.


Nice… ill be the one having a heart attack by the side of the pitch :rofl: