The Office Environment

Anybody struggle in the office environment in terms of dieting ?

So many people going to takeaways on lunch, offers of ‘I’ll get the sandwiches in’ on a Friday morning, sweets flying around, biscuits on every tea round.

How do you all get past this?

Just turned down a free dominoes on my 3 phone App. It wasn’t easy hah! :disappointed_relieved:

the main problem is the amount of samosas that arrive for birthdays, but over the past 12 months my resistance has increased so i only have the occasional one as a treat. Apart from that i make sure i have plenty of fruit available and usually naked noodles or naked rice for lunch with the odd tuna salad ( john west or simiilar ) and thats my route to survival in the office jungle

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I manage because not many people talk to me at work… :frowning:


I work in office. Takeaway doesn’t have to be unhealthy.


Always very weak for a Dirty Friday… usually a Dirty Breakfast Sandwich, Dirty Carby Lunch, and drinks after work… especially pay day Dirty Friday.

I’d talk to you @PickleRick - I’d share my Pringles with you! :wink:

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Current desk set up for today:

2 apples, a banana, Alpel light bar and a plum. See how we go.

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2 apples, banana, orange , naked noodles and my porridge pot first thing for me this should see me through late evening when i finally get home depending on m5 traffic

I get the odd biscuits and other treats brought in. But I mentally have focused on myself, my food - I bring food from home but go out with colleagues for lunch on Friday - occasionally starting a 3 day cheat binge (fri, sat, sun) so Ill get a burger or Ill swap chips for sweet potato fries or get a salad in nandos.

I say try and develop a strong mentality to resist your urges and that should hopefully help you resist these temptations! hope it helps. good luck mate

I think this is one of those things where you have to be prepared. And strong. Easier said than done of course.

I’m lucky in that I work from home so not only am I not tempted, but I can also cook stuff if I want. But then that does mean no one brings me treats sob

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I have a ‘no food in or while/working’ rule,

Breakfast at home

Get away from work environment for pre-done/pre-planned lunch

Dinner after work with the mrs sat at the table

Maybe a cheeky dessert in the evening if it fits my calories & protein target has been hit

Been doing it for so long it’s ‘normal’ to me now, so I automatically omit from eating during work time,

or you could call it an ‘only eat at home’ rule (unless out for a social thing)

I find it helps to have a few raisins and a “no added sugar” Capri Sun with me - helps to give me a mild sugar hit and curb the cravings.