The potential Stevenage league?

Hi all,

Newbie here, hoping that the Stevenage league starts up soon - been looking for a league for nearly a year but none have quite been in the right place (living in Hitchin, commuting into London for work so no car to drive to Luton/MK/Borehamwood), so the potential Stevenage one is really exciting.

Managed to lose about a stone and a half last year with my partner through just proper cooking and paying attention to calories, but we tailed off towards Christmas and now I’m back where I started. Really keen to get the exercise in, and I’m 100% hopeful that the men-focused nature of all this can push me through to losing the weight I actually want to lose.

I guess I mostly wanted to post to ask how many people are also registered to the Stevenage planned league already, to see how likely it is that it’ll start up early next year? I’m planning to do the email to local public health person once we’re past the festive season.

Oh also I’m a Newcastle fan. So there’s that.


Evening all.
I’m just wondering if anyone had any idea how close we are to a Stevenage league?
I’ve signed recently and noticed the last post related to this top of was in Dec18!
Just wondering if I might be better going over to Luton as I’m based in Hitchin as progress seems glacial to set up a league in Stevo👎

Hi guys, a friend and I have just signed up for the Stevenage league - any way of knowing how close we are to hitting the magic 30 mark?

Signed up recently too. Any updates on how close we are to getting this league started ?