The ref's off to China

Just thought you guy’s from Yeovil and the Man v Fat world would like to know i’m officiating at a youth football tournament in shinyang China in August of this year. I’ve been on the Man v Fat programme since taking over from Elliot in September of last year as the referee. I managed to lose 10 kilo’s in weight but most of all met loads of friends and lads in the same need to lose weight for what ever reason mine being losing weight for my daughter’s wedding in December just gone. I look forward to seeing some of the guy’s come back and a few new lads too. Happy new year everyone and see you soon.


FUTURE welcome to China mate! I have never been to Shenyang but if it’s anything like the rest of China you will have a great time.
I live in Guangzhou.

I’ve been to Shenyang about 17 years ago. Loved it there. Would love to go back

The weight loss is testament to the work you put in to me fair mate, keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll be a racing snake by the time August comes along!!
See you tomorrow evening

Wow, well done! So even the refs are losing weight on MVFF!

I think even Mark would admit he had a somewhat “shaky” start to life in the Yeovil league when covering for the previous ref’s summer holidays but I must say that before Christmas he ended up getting all the usual praise and banter in the weighing room by lining up with the rest of the lads and continually losing weight.
Long may it continue

Its been great fun and looking forward to another 14 or so weeks to lose the Christmas weight gain. We laugh in the face of Fat, .Here’s to more of the same and good luck everyone.

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Tournament now moved to qingdao but only 14 weeks to go

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Keep in touch while you are here mate.

So my referee co-ordinator has asked for height and weight measurements for our sponsored kit in August 13 weeks on Friday. I cant do much about my 175 cm’s but my dilemma was do I put my current weight of 81 kg or do I put 76kg which is the weight i would like to be?? Thoughts please 5k is certainly do able in 13 weeks.

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You know my thoughts on this mate. Set yourself a target and just go for it!!!

Glad I stuck out for the 75K as I’m 75.8 already with 7 weeks still to go. Could be a 15% loss and under 70k the way I’m going. Nothing to drastic in my diet just cutting ALL sweet stuff and bread for the 5 working days. Cycling in to work and even purchased a x training machine. The guy’s at Bucklers on Friday night are continuing to ask about my trip and have noticed how the weight has come off (very kind) Hopefully we can encourage more to join us for more of the same at Yeovil

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How was the trip?

Brilliant thanks mate some great games made the line of the main final under 25’s Namibia v Nigeria went all the way to pens. was on the TV too in front of a big crowd and no doubt millions of chinese on the box. Very indifferent weather storms and all sorts got totally wet but would do it again for sure. Sorry for the delay its only been 10 months lol

Haha…no worries mate.