The Wigan League


Hi people
Very new haha, hoping to join the Wigan league starting in September but if anyone has any information about that league or someone I need to talk to that would be great :ok_hand:t2:


Hello @jake_howard09 !

All the information about the league is listed on our website page -

If there’s anything specific you need to know that the website doesn’t cover, shout back on here and we’ll do our best to answer!


Cheers for that. Been looking for info on Wigan league too


Just signed up today, I’ll be at the Wigan league also, come September…


Sweet sweet looking forward to it :muscle:t2: Will someone be I contact before us before September you think ?? Or just rock up haha :joy:


Hi everyone I’ve been speak to the league manager, there are training sessions every Monday 7-8 untill the league starts on 3 September Address is
Greenhay, Orrell, WN5 0DQ
Deans Trust High School [from 7pm-8pm] on the 3 G astroturf hope this helps


Ive payed the fee on here to start the football. Who do I speak to about actually starting?


Hi - your coach will get in touch when they can assign you into a team, usually a phone to confirm those details and what happens next.