Time to start again

It’s been many months since my last confession.

The past year has seen significant backsliding towards 100kg

I have struggled this year. I spent the summer unwell and unable to run. I have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis. I am, to date, lucky in the Sarcoids are only effecting my lymph nodes. It reduces my lung capacity when it’s bad and makes me feel like I have a virus. It could be much much worse. I seem to be in remission after a difficult few months

I started running again a few weeks ago after 16 weeks of illness. Much slower but it’s something

When I was very ill I lost weight through my body and HR being much higher

2020 will be a return to 2016 monitoring food intake amd consist weight loss


Sounds like a plan…

The current MvF weight loss group is finishing on 5 January and a new one will start after that so do consider joining us.

Sounds like a plan

You’re ON it! Best of luck and ENJOY.


Same here, Jamie. Feels like now is a good time to start again :blush:

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This time last year I was 115 kilos and I worked hard to get down to 105 kilos by September. But the pre christmas party season took its toll and I am back up to 107.5 kilos so a slight improvement on the year with some way to go.
Target for next year is 100 kilos and I’m starting today. Eat less drink no alcohol and walk every day. Happy New Year everyone. B

Same story here, as I have put on over 30lbs in 2019.
I’m very annoyed with myself. This is my usual yo-yo weight control or rather lack of weight control. Any control!!
I have been on/off this excellent forum for a few years, with success followed by excess a number of times. This really needs to be the last time, I need to ensure that any serious health issues are headed off.
So kicking off today (early for 2020!) keen to get out on my bike and leave the lard behind.
311 today and I’m going to be less by next week.
I picked up a journal for goal setting and spent a few hours planning. With that done it is now time to execute.
I won’t be beaten by a lump of subcutaneous tissue.
Good Luck to everyone else on the same mission.
It’s not Impossible.

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