Top scorer tournament

Does any one know when this is

The MAN v FAT Football Top Scorer Invitational

Are you man of the match every time? Fancy yourself as a bit of a Maradona or Messi? This is for you. We want to continue to celebrate excellent performance on (and off) the pitch and so we’ll be inviting top scorers from MAN v FAT Football leagues to face off against each other. This event will take the Top Scorer teams to a top-class facility and see them face off against other top performing teams across the country with a chance of being crowned the Top Scorer Champions and taking a trophy home to their league.

This has now been changed to the Manchester tournament which is happening next month, and is open to everyone rather than just the top scorers

Are you sure because the Manchester tournament was also mentioned at the same time so these was two different things

I think you are right that Top scorer tournament is separated from Manchester one. Also an 11 aside thing was planned.

Doug has Leyton got a team for Manchester

Apparently they don’t, mate.

Nope they never submitted one in time!

Bring it on! :ok_hand:t2::+1:

Manchester was brilliant. Hopefully they can get this sorted (and soon if possible!) @MvFFootballHelp any update on this?

Hi @Josh - I don’t have any information on this at the moment. All news such as these tournaments will be all over social media and the regular emails as well.