Top scorers


Mainly a question for @MvFFootballHelp unless anyone else can help. On the league top scorers page it gives you a “weight score” does anyone know how that’s worked out, is it how many weeks you’ve lost weight or something? Someone in my league has 15.5 and I was wondering how I could win next year (please don’t just give me a comment like lose weight I’d rather know how the scoring works :rofl:)


Your weight score is calculated based on whether you lose weight or not each week.

If you lose weight, you get 0.5 goals per week for each week you lose weight. Once you get 3 losses (doesn’t have to be consecutive) you get a bonus goal, the hat-trick.

Once you hit 5% weight loss, you get 3 bonus goals, similarly for 10%.

You can get a maximum of 7 goals for weight loss (so you lose weight each week for 14 weeks), 4 hat-trick goals and your 5% and 10% equating to 6 more, for a total maximum of 17 goals for the season.

To win this is about consistent weight loss each week rather than the amount of weight you lose. Good luck, I’m hoping to win it this season too!


No need for me to explain it as @atb88 has smashed it out of the park!

@Josh - As per the last post, it’s about the bonuses from losing weight every week :slight_smile: