Torquay league


Anybody out on the forum signed up to the Torquay league?


Hello bud, I joined today!


Stu, great news contact me on Bit of background I have been playing MVF in a Solihull league since Feb ,2017, but I live in Brixham. Hence the need to get the today league up and running. Mail me and I’ll get back to you over the weekend. I’m at the steam fair in Churston fri- sun


@admin , hi how many are now registered for Torquay?


Hi Kev, apologies for the radio silence on the phone recently but life has been a bit crazy(even for me) since I did the Torbay half marathon in June. Torquay still only has 8 guys signed up unfortunately so is still a long way from getting off the ground.
One thing I have done recently is start the Taunton league from scratch and that now has 57 guys on the books so I know it is doable, perhaps we could discuss what I did to get the numbers at some point.
The offer to come along to Bridgwater is open whenever you’re free mate


Mm I did think a few more would have signed up by now, I will call in at Bridgewater as soon as the skating at the velopark on Thursday evenings finishes as I get back to do the last hour but that will soon finish as the nights draw in. Now the football season has started I shall get a few flyers around the local clubs. I was hoping some who had signed up would add to this thread so we could get some wider coverage for posters and flyers. I’m off to Canadian for 2 weeks next Monday and then onto season 6 at Lode Heath. Just need to get Torbay up for next march when I will be finishing work and my long distance weekly commute. Looks like the local leisure centre has resurfaced the pitch last week, not sure if it 3 or 4 g. Hope to see you soon


Stu, have you got any of your mates to sign up, ? or could you get some flyers distributed around your area , i’ve been mainly doing Brixham and up to clennon valley


Hi @kevinb1959,

Im just registering my interest for Torquay now. Im in Brixham as well!

How many does it need to start a league?


Jamie, 30 is the magic number to help things along you could ask for some flyers from @admin , I have some out at queen’s arms, Torbay leisure centre , galmpton FC, newsagents at pillar avenue, and Torre sports , how did you here of the league? I’m away in gran Canaria for the next 2 weeks but we could meet for an hour and I can answer any questions you have. I am just about to start season 6 with my team in Solihull, ( due to work) . I will be back home from 17 the for a week before scuttling off to work. Great to have you aboard


Jamie I have some flyers if you need any to help promote the league


Hi all. Just finished second season in the Exeter league and about to move back to Torquay in next 4 weeks or so. How many do we have at the moment? What’s the easiest way to register interest and is there any indication of where and when the league may take place? Exeter was Friday night between 8-10pm, which was such a difficult time and would have a big bearing on being able to take part. Thanks.


I’m just starting season 6 in Solihull but live in Brixham hence need to get the league up and running as I shall be finishing my contract just after Xmas, any chance you can get some flyers and posters distributed? I should ask @admin or Mike Christopher about registering for Torquay and any other questions you have but we need to get 30 registered to get the ball rolling. Clennon valley have just laid a new pitch not sure if it’s 3 or 4 g


Thanks Kevin, much appreciated.
@admin, would you be able to help with updates and my enquiries at all?


Bung me an email as I’m just leaving the office and if it’s in my inbox it will get done!


Forgot to ask did you get some flyers to spread the word, I have had some sent to Torre sports , Torquay leisure centre, galmpton FC and the local newsagents in Brixham had some.


so how many are registered now? if i have some free time this weekend i’ll get a few more flyers out


Hi Guys I have just signed up for the Torquay planned league saying Hello. Nanes Dave. I have printed off flyers and asked for them to be put into busy barber shops and takeaways. Is there anything more I can do to get the numbers up? Hope everyones all good!


Welcome not sure of the numbers @admin , hi how many are signed up now,
I have had flyers sent to Torre sports the leisure centre in Goodrington from, apart from that I have had plenty distributed around Brixham, but being as I work away Tues to Thursday my time is a bit limited. The league is up and running in Exeter is up and running if that is of any use. Apart from that you could also look on the forum at the challenges such as dsed and the thirty day groups. I am based in Brixham but currently play in a league in Solihull due to work. Look forward to seeing you when we are up and running.


@admin,. How many are registered for this league?


Hi Kev still only 12 signed up so far despite all the great work yo’re doing down there. I know from experience that the South West is bloody hard work to recruit from scratch in but it WILL get there. As you know I spend time down there with the family quite regularly and a town like Torquay is a no brainer for what we do.
I’ll try and give you some warning of when I’m down that way again next cos it would be great to meet up, even if it is at the Parkrun :grin:
We have just announced Plymouth starting at the end of January so hopefully that will come with a bit more media exposure down there that could help Torquay too.