Torquay league

ok thanks I saw that the Plymouth league has a start date, I’ll try and drop into Bridgwater one Thursday night as i’m normally passing the services junction about 6.30 . Should be back on the parkrun trail this Saturday as the local swimming pool is getting too busy first thing on Saturday

Signed Up today :slight_smile:

Great welcome , we need to get thirty sign up to get the wheels in motion , so if you can spread the word and maybe get some leaflets out it will all help😀

@admin how many are registered for the league now?

Still only 13 for Torquay - the issue is that Exeter and now Plymouth have both launched and I think that’s tempted some across.

ok thanks, did you do the article for the riviera magazine.
I might retire after 7 season at lode heath and think about moving on maybe as a referee, need to see what happens later this year

Has there been any progress on the proposed league I’ve now finished at lode heath and I’m full time in Brixham. I fear I may end up having to go to walking football if the league doesn’t start

@smithr82 hey Roger how are things with you? Any news on Torquay league. Missing playing on Tuesdays now I’m down in Brixham

@admin @smithr82 hi both, how close are we to the magical 30?

Interesting story in the local paper herald express, South Devon college is just starting second season of a scheme that sound identical to manvfat , never seem it advertised anywhere, no wonder there is lack of signings for manvfat they have 71 playerssigned up. Story can be found online, disappointed to read this

Just signed up to the Torquay league, any updates on how many people have signed up and when it could be set up?

Josh @admin should be able to help, I’ve dropped off the map as there was no movement on this league closest are Exeter and Plymouth. I had just over 2 very successful years in life heath league. But now I’ve moved onto other sports or roller derby. However if this league does happen I would be interested. You could try getting flyers from admin to promote it as I did for 2 years. I guess motivation in the bay is lacking.