Torquay league


ok thanks I saw that the Plymouth league has a start date, I’ll try and drop into Bridgwater one Thursday night as i’m normally passing the services junction about 6.30 . Should be back on the parkrun trail this Saturday as the local swimming pool is getting too busy first thing on Saturday


Signed Up today :slight_smile:


Great welcome , we need to get thirty sign up to get the wheels in motion , so if you can spread the word and maybe get some leaflets out it will all help😀


@admin how many are registered for the league now?


Still only 13 for Torquay - the issue is that Exeter and now Plymouth have both launched and I think that’s tempted some across.


ok thanks, did you do the article for the riviera magazine.
I might retire after 7 season at lode heath and think about moving on maybe as a referee, need to see what happens later this year


Has there been any progress on the proposed league I’ve now finished at lode heath and I’m full time in Brixham. I fear I may end up having to go to walking football if the league doesn’t start