Totally and Utterly Blown Away

First of all, Hi again, as it was my birthday yesterday, I thought I would enjoy it.

I am a bear with a sore head this morning so forgive me for poor spelling, but also forgive me for becoming mushy.

As @smithr82 implied to in his weekly update I had been having a really tough time of it throughout the whole period of Man V Fat, fighting homelessness for the first few weeks of the league season, and only being in a night shelter for the next few weeks after that. I still consistently turned up to football, and looked for every opportunity to be with the boys from football, and do things to work towards my end goal, of having a life which I could be proud of.

The weight loss has been good with 8 kilos over ten weeks, but last night changed my outlook on life and the lads from football.

I had three things in my life that I could be proud of, My Daughter, ManVFat, and my friends. However much they mean to me, I did not realise how much I had inspired other people around me, by just being myself, and showing up to football regardless of what was going on. This amazing bunch of lads that I know, I have grown to respect, but also learn as much as I can off, to allow myself to have a life.

These boys I play football with, truly blew me away, and left me speechless, which a lot of people can attest too, its a pretty hard thing to do. I had a feeling something was happening, with it being my birthday, and although my performance on the pitch was poor, that didn’t matter to me. I realise how truly blessed I am to have the mates I do, and although I would love to mention them all, I have not got enough time to try finding everyone or naming them all, as I am not that good with names.

Chris and @mr51pay have been two people I look up too most as they are the guys who help me regardless, or so I thought.

As I walked down to the car park last night after football I was shocked to see everyone there, thinking we were going to have a impromptu trophy presentation, but I did not realise that the guys were waiting for me. Chris took the lead and said how much I meant to everyone in the league and explained that the lads had all chipped together to help me. Then I saw what seemed like endless boxes of food other stuff including a new phone, which I will thank mark for. New football boots from the lads in my team, new trainers which mark goad sorted.

I can only go so much further before I start to well up again.

I am so so blessed to have 50 friends, that when I moved back to Yeovil I never ever thought I would make.

so thank you all, and I will make you and mainly myself proud.

By the ways guys I read the whatsapp chat, you guys are way to crafty, although I did have a feeling.

I love you guys and thank you for making my birthday, the best one I could possibly ever wish for.


It was a comment from Chris on group, talking about getting some things together, chucking in a bit of loose change - and mate you saw the results last night, it snowballed from there…!! Man V Fat Yeovil group, we’re a family mate, and you’re a part of that - families look after their own. :smiley:


This is a story and a half. I wish I could like it more than just once. It’s truly remarkable to see how much some of these groups become families. Also credit to @smithr82 with the work he has done down that way with the teams!

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Wow! Best thing I’ve ever read in here :blush:

Amazing stuff and really what this site is all about. Pulling together and sticking together. Hope you are getting out the other side lad.

You guys are so cool. Full respect to all of you!

As Simon says (hehe) it was one simple comment that started what can only be described as one of the things I have most been proud to have been involved with in my life, what an incredible group of people we have been lucky enough to have become involved with in the Yeovil group and the wider Man V Fat Football family, Shan the man really has started an amazing thing here and our very own Roger Smith who puts in so much of his own time and effort running 2 leagues is a superstar.

Proud to have been part of your birthday Khyle x

honestly guys I really cant emphasise the change this league has made on my life. and yes I am coming out of it, with the guys here and the guys in the Yeovil league, and I was in tears so much and just thinking about the guys who have helped makes me well up, simply because I cannot honestly explain one what they mean to me, or two how much of a impact on my life. and I will make these guys proud and do my best to repay them in the way they want me too, and that’s get myself sorted. I have made 50 slightly less fat friends, thinking at the start I was going to struggle


Brilliant. GreT story