Tracking calories

Hi guys I know most people use apps like mfp and lose it to track calories but I was wondering if anyone uses an excel document that tracks everything from calorie intake, calorie deficit, weight progress etc. I have used apps but don’t really get on with them. If anyone has any advice on how I could create one if done one themself much appreciated.

Thanks alex

I had one a while back. I created three tabs: one for weight tracking including targets so I knew where I should be, one for entering the calories of foods I eat on a regular basis and one for calroie tracking which I recreated week by week. Then when I enter a food I have recorded in tab 2 it pulls over the amount of calories and just by stating the quantity it can work out what the calories were.

Then with a few more tweaks its easy to set up daily, weekly max calories and calculate from that if you have a calorie deficit. I even got mine to convert the total deficit into exected weight loss, but a warning that the results do not always reflect the numbers.

My brother used a more complex version that uses Voodoo Basic to perform the calculations and was a little more accurate.

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Thanks Tim did you get any information online I am not great on setting up spreadsheets so would struggle to set one up with out seeing one first so was wondering if you see anything online that helped you create yours

Blimey, the apps are easier than any spreadsheet…

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I get what u mean, mfp can b a right faff especially when the info isnt always accurate like i dont think ppl always worked out portions properly
Yous r gonna laugh, when i track cals i literally just write it down in a book, FAR 2 confusing otherwise.
The bit i find hard is like if u go 2 a mates 4 tea or some other scenario when u cant track properly. I suppose calorie tracking always come down 2 estimates

This sounds exactly what I want to do but don’t know how to start it really. Have you got any tips on how you do it? Do you just write all your calories down or do you set your page up to include everything? Have you got an example of how you do it mate sounds like this exactly how I want to do it this way I cna wrote it all down as it all goes in rather then looking for my phone all the time.

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Iiterally just do a list, add up end of the day. If i dont hav me notebook handy i put it in my phone til i get back

Hi. I’m a newbie.
Early I used planner template “healthy eaten” such as
There are seven sheets for each day and every sheet have some sections such as today plans, meal, today goals, to-do list, daily exercise, etc. I created my own products sheet with calorie chart also