Trainers (footwear)


I’ve got a pair of expensive running shoes, but as they are used outdoors and get muddy I need to get a pair of shoes for just using indoor at the gym. I’d like them to be as cheap as possible (around £50) but still ok quality.

A quick look on the Decathlon UK website throws up mainly ‘badminton’ or ‘walking fitness’ shoes. Would these do? Any advice gratefully received!


I use Adidas Duramo (not sure what series I’m onto now ) for my day to day gym visits And use Adidas ultraboost for my parkruns

Can’t fault either


I am a big fan of Asics, you can pick up the ones from last year or earlier much cheaper than the current ones. I am a fan of the GT-1000 but I have also had a pair of Gel Nimbus whihc were more expensive, but the GT-1000s felt better. It is down to personal preference for where you need support and what feels better when you’re running though


I just wear an old pair of converse at the gym. You need your feet as flat to the floor as possible to keep your balance right, and there’s no need for anything expensive.

Lately, I’ve been running to the gym, so I just take my running shoes off, and pop a pair of socks on. Even better, if your allowed to do it. I know some gyms are a bit prissy about that, but mine is pretty basic.


Adidas Flux. A pair with white soles. I got mine for £25 from mandmdirect website.


I would go to a sports shop try on lots of different brands and find the ones that best fit you. Once you find the brand then get on line to find the best price.


I do the same as Babber! My footie boots high street £74, Sports Direct £24.99! Yes I did have to pay the £5 for delivery to store, yes I did get a £5 voucher for next I store purchase! So… chucked another £3 to that and bought some man tights which helped me endure the MVF game last night @-4 degrees :scream::snowflake:️:scream::snowflake:
All good and I weighed in securing a loss👍🏻

Every bit helps



I got my leather Adidas Copa boots from Amazon for less than £25.


Amazon always has bargains. :slight_smile:


You just have to check regularly as prices yo-yo so much on there.