Treadmill for the home


Has anyone hired or bought a treadmill for the house? I’m wondering how practical / noisy it would be, especially on laminate floors. Any recommendations on buy v hire, good companies / products ?


I haven’t got a treadmill but like many people I’ve had mixed experiences with exercise equipment at home. Having had failures in the past I’m doing well with an exercise bike smart trainer and Zwift Zwift is also available for running.

There’s a few things to consider.

  1. As you indicate noise can be an issue. It can be reduced a little by installing mats but how disturbing the noise is really depends on the architecture of your house and the sensitivity of the residents/neighbors.
  2. How easy is it to set things up. If you can have something set up permanatly then you are more likely to use it. If you have to unfold it, sett up it will become a barrier to using it.
  3. Ventilation - Residential homes don’t have the ventilation rates needed for prolonged physical exercise. CO2 and humidity will build up, as can odours. Its manageable with opening windows and fans but will still be a bit of an issue.
  4. The psychology of preparing for exercise. I now happily get on the turbo trainer without much thought of it. However at first it felt weird to exercise at home and there wasn’t the same mental preparation you experience on your way to a gym.
  5. Level of engagement. Treadmills and turbo trainers can be boring without the stimulation of outdoors. I found the access to heart rate and power information interesting and interactive elements of Zwift really engaging. Having access to music and/or TV helps.

Renting a treadmill sounds ideal as you really need to see whether you can live with the issues above as well as working out what features you might like in a treadmill.


If you can rent, then I’d say go for that. I did buy one and I go through stages of using it all the time and then leaving it alone for long periods. I do,however, have it in the garage as the wife would not want to listen to my weight pounding up and down on it. Also the house would get too warm but conversely the garage can be a bit cold during the worst cold snaps.

I’m saying rent in order to see how you get on. I spent a decent chunk on one as I wanted one that would cope with my weight and it was (for me) a lot of money to lay out.

It may also be worth looking at using Zwift as well as they now have a running option along side the cycling option.


Thanks - all good points. I stay in a semi and wondered if the noise would irritate the neighbours. I weigh over 20st currently - am I going to need something heavy duty ? If so I might just take to the streets instead


I think it depends how much noise travels between the joining wall and where you place the treadmill. I was 20st when i bought mine and did some research as I did find some that suggested max user weight was about 18st. I’m not sure whether they generally have max user weights but I wanted to make sure that I was within manufacturers guidelines as 20st is quite a lot of weight to be bouncing up and down on one of those things.

The street is a lot cheaper. Mine is a confidence issue.