Trying to dodge bypass surgery and losing naturally instead (in Glasgow)

Hey guys, I’m 46 yr-old guy, been obese since I was 33 (doubled my weight in a year then, and then gained more gradually).

Been struggling to lose weight ever since, with no success. Started the NHS weight loss programme 1.5 years ago, together with their excercise class, but nothing really happened until last November, when I finally pulled myself together, and started to record everything I eat and drink with FatSecret, try my best to maintain a 1500 calories a day diet (that was 1400 calories deificit daily), and replace my breakfast with a SlimFast drink.

Since mid-November (145 kg), I lost 26 kgs (so that 1500 calories a day means only a 1100 calories deficit now); most of it in the first 2 months, then hit a plateau for 3.5 weeks phasing between 123 and 124 kg, and then very slowly losing again. My trousers went from 54 to 44, and my top size went from 5XL to XXL/XL (depending on brand).

I am eligible for bypass surgery, but I’m delaying the decision as weight loss seems to work right now. The dietician at NHS said there is a slight chance that I’ll lose much more, and if I want to continue losing weight, now’s the time to pick up 60 minutes a day training for at least 5 times a week. To be honest, I have no idea where to start that. The nearby gym offers a variety of classes, but I’m still looking for advice on which ones to pick.

And it would be nice to get to know a few guys in similar situations, and sometimes talk a little bit, either in person or online.


Welcome to the website.
You are just about where I started. My highest was 125kg. I got down to 89.7 without any surgery but I have since gained some back and I am at 101.1 as of today.
Exercise wise, I started off by walking. I still walk these days. I walk as fast as I can for approx 30-60mins each day.
Then I found something I liked doing - that’s the best form of exercise. Something you like, and will do. I have an interest in martial and boxing etc…so I got a punch bag and a set of dumbbells and started using them. I also found the Les Mills Body Combat system to be really useful - I think that was what really did it for me.
Have a look around, have a play around, watch your intake and you should be able to shed some more, many here have done so.
The 30 day groups here are very useful too, there should be one opening up soon.
Use here as a base and stay in touch mate.


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: I’m starting DDP Yoga at home now, but I’d still want to go to gym classes. And probably pick up some weight training because my muscles have gone to Burger King and never came back.


Best of luck Feri with your progress, sounds amazing.

What about swimming as a low impact/risk way to exercise?

For that, I must first find my long-lost self confidence. :slight_smile: And DDP Yoga promises that (not self-confidence, low-impact exercise), it’s kind of passive cardio. But eventually, I’d love to go back to swimming. After holding back for 13 years.