Trying to lose the last stone


@geoffbeckett @maxnas Cheers. Because i have been on a low calorie weigh loss diet for close to 18 months, as mad as it sounds, i am fearful of stepping my calories back up as i cannot go back to the lard arse i was 2 years ago. I have been told that i am low on calories by others but i refused to believe them as the low calorie in / high calorie out is my current way of thinking. Hence the low calories and lots of exercise.

I’ll step it up and report back in a few weeks.


@geoffbeckett When you say eating, i assume i need to increase calories in a health way eating good fats etc, and not go head first into a pack of pringles. , and what about macro amounts, keep it low carbs, mid fat and high protein?


Here’s some solid macro nutrient stats to adhere to

protein 0.8g per 1lb of LMB (for weight training) bump it up to 1-1.5g when losing weight/cutting

if you’re not weight training, cut those recommendations in half

fats 0.4g per 1lb of LBM to keep your health/hormone production in check

after fitting those macros into your diet, you can pretty much play around with the remaining calories. I’d personally advise you to use them most for carbohydrates to provide good solid energy, especially if you’re doing alot of excercise…

but, you could for example choose to consume more fats and/or protein as they tend to be more filling (helpful when on a calorie deficit)

have a play around with those numbers and see how you feel :blush:


as far as calories,

two good ways to start/find your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure)

bodyweight in lbs x14 -16 (depending on activity levels), or use an online calorie calculator

now, because you’ve been in a caloric deficit for so long, you’ve probably down regulated your metabolism a lil bit, so you might find it’s more like xxlbs x 12

anyhow, calculated your estimated TDEE and test it out for 1-2 weeks (preferably 2) and see what happends, you can then adjust week by week from there & remove around 10-20% of total overall calories each time you stall

to be honest, I’d advise you to stay at a maintenance level for a while 4-6 weeks or so, to up regulate your metabolism back to normal levels before going back into a caloric deficit


PS - get on a good, solid, time proven workout plan like starting strength, 5x5 stronglifts, or even jason blaha’s ICF 5x5. These are all solid, time proven systems…

Stay away from anything on as they’re all shills who teach hype & mostly ridiculous stuff that positions them as ‘experts’ which then nicely aligns with the supplement recommendations.

Oh and make sure to follow the indusry leaders on social media: Eric Helms, Lyle Macdonald, Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeild, Brett Contreras, etc


@maxnas Wow, calories are coming out at 2300, i was low!!

Amounts are coming out at 144g protein, 60g fat.

With regards to weights, are you saying low reps, heavy weights? I am doing around 10 - 12 reps using a range of exercises that work several muscles (lunges etc).

I have been using jefit app This has workouts that cater for my limited kit, i.e. dumbell only workouts.

Losing Weight through Strength Training

so many variables when it comes to weight training, depending on so many factors… outcome, time put in, enjoyment/adhereance, etc etc and hundreds more.

I’d recommend you start off mastering the fundementals (compound exercises) and throw in some accessories if need be

ie: squats, bench press, overhead press, deadlifts etc

anyone of those programs I’ve mentioned will be great and see you through at least 1-2 years

EDIT: sorry, just saw that you’re limited to exercise equipment

it’s going to massively help if you can get in a gym or have access to good equipment, if you WANT to add muscle that is, if not then it’s not than much of a big deal

PS - keep in mind that as a newbie to weight training, you have a small window of time in which you can gain muscle whilst losing weight & being in a caloric deficit, so you really want to maximize that time as it will only last 3-6 months, after that… you will have tio choose to either gain weigh or lose weight (calorie surplus or deficit) as you’re body won’t allow you to do both at the same time without drugs

hope that helps!? :blush:

I’ll link my paypal button for payment later… haha :wink::smile:


those numbers sound spot on to me mate!

Start from there for 2 weeks, see how your body reacts & adjust accordingly


Losing that last bit is difficult - and things can get a bit crazy, especially with increased muscle mass. As noted above by others your calories look way too low, and your body is going to struggle to deal with increased exertion, burning fat, and building muscles on such a low calorie intake.

On my big cycling days I normally consume between 3,500 and 3,800 calories per day. Without this level of consumption I would collapse from exhaustion and would struggle with motivation. Even eating this amount I am dropping about 700 grams per week - and my legs have (since Jan 1st) grown another 1/2 inch in diameter (now 28.5 inches.)

Once upon a time the scales may have been your best friend - but now if you are planning on putting muscle on your frame things will seem a bit crazy at weigh in time. Just concentrate on how your jeans are fitting and how you feel.

Good-luck and great job!


@maxnas @geoffbeckett @Timmy Thanks all, feeling motivated again, lets see how this pans out.


I’ll add to what the other guys are saying. Too low calories for the amount of exercise you are doing. I myself was doing 1,200 calories a day max for several months to lose weight (no exercise other than walking though), once I started working with a trainer and weights that went up to 1,600. My weight has stayed the same, but lost 5.4% of body fat (in other words gained muscle mass while losing fat).

My macros are 1.5gr of protein, 0.4 gr of fat and the rest in carbs (back calculated from remaining calories) per pound of Lean body mass. The amounts change as my body fat percentage changes. The protein can be a challenge, as I am up to 220gr per day now, but with protein shakes and tuna packed in water I am managing.

As @maxnas said I’d start the protein a bit lower, my starting point was 1gr.


As has been said above, the early days for weight training are great. You will build muscle and loose fat at the same time.

Personally I’m at the point where I have to make the decision to either bulk or cut. I miss those old days of gains! I’m bulking right now but I’m very uncomfortable with the scales going the wrong direction. Just a nurotic mind set from weight loss for such a long time. But with this extra bulk I’m moving some staggering numbers around the squat rack.


Hey @bob73, glad you’re hanging in there. Sorry you don’t have the means to use a gym or a personal trainer, but it’s definitely possible to lose weight and gain muscle without them. You’ve had a lot of great advice from others, I’ll give you more. I definitely agree you need to increase your caloric intake, and if you’re continuing to do regular workouts, low-carb isn’t a great way to go. It might be if you were trying to lose weight by diet alone, but since you’re trying to gain muscle, you need fuel for your workouts, and high quality carbs are great fuel. As was mentioned, you need to be eating quality food (lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains).

I ran into a weight loss plateau during my journey, and to my surprise my personal trainer had me increase my calories (from like 2200 to 2500 per day) and that helped me start to lose again.

As for workouts, variety is great. Try some of the workouts that have been suggested. If you have access to Youtube, there are two great channels full of great fast-blasting routines (but not just cardio) (Befit Intensity and Fitnessblender). I did those for a while during my weight loss and subsequent maintainence, and they worked well for me.

Good luck!


@shrinkinguy I am hearing this a lot, and having a very old school view on weight loss, i assumed to lose weight, i had to cut calories. I strongly feel that is at the heart of my problem. I have modified my nutrient goals in fitnesspal to reflect the new approach so will see how it goes. Thanks for the youtube vids, i rely heavily on whats freely available so will add them to my routine, I am always looking for new workouts as i do get bored working through the same few so the more i can throw in, the better.


I saw this, exercises that 40 somethings must avoid - any truth in it?


On two of the 10 things I agree.

Smith machine assisted squats- but not cause it’s dangerous just because it’s for girls.

Cardio, because…cardio.

Jokes aside, the good gen from the article simply is that without careful proper form these exercises can kick your ass and not in a good way. The problem is that the article is written from the angle of avoiding exercises rather than ensuring you are seeking proper coaching and keeping correct form. Shame as some good info buried in an otherwise nonsense article. Pretty typical. And pop-ups!! Arrghh!!! I hate those bloody pop-ups!


I did think that if i took on board what the article said, i wouldnt be left with much, it was expecting it to be sponsored by a manufacturer of pipes and slippers. I agree, good form is key.


Another update - Ok, since we last spoke which was 6 weeks ago i have increased my calorie intake, i now average 2000+ a day. I reduced my exercise to just two sessions of weights. I have inevitably put on a few pounds. I want to get back to exercising and losing % fat, what approach should i take? decrease calories and exercise more? I guess not as that was what got me in this mess in the first place (to recap, i was averaging 1400-1500 calories, HIIT 5 times a week and 3 weights sessions, as a result i was not losing any fat whatsoever).

What would be a sensible approach for someone like myself who has properly trashed their metabolism and has spent 6 weeks trying to help it recover through eating more?


hey bob, if you’re weight is pretty much staying the same on a consistent amount of calories now… you can slowly start gong back the other way by making small adjustments & testing each week :slight_smile:


So go back to HIIT and weights, but make a small calorie reduction on a week by week basis?