Tudor Grange Season 2 - Week 11 - SGP is back!



Week 11 at Tudor Grange saw a lot more focus and commitment from many players which with 3 weeks until the end of the season is great testament to the league. We have currently chalked off another 488 kg so far this season, which considering we were at 560kg at the same point in season 1 is remarkable, given all the weight you have all lost already.

Barring 1 new league, we are only 15kg from being the top weight lost league in the country! Fantastic, however number 1 sounds much better!

If anyone wants some exercise advice to really boost your losses for the next 3 weeks, this is a really good thread on the forum:

There were some great team performances this week but also a couple that could have perhaps been improved with a bit more activity about what works and what people are up to on the chat. Being proactive really is vital to a good team weigh in as you all know by now.

Here is the weekly stats.

Team loss:

AM - 7.9

FC RM - 5.5

GW - 2.2

HD + 2.1

MMG 6.2

PP - 4.9

RBA + 6.7

RV - 3.9

488.4kg lost in total

44 losses

21.8kg lost this week

64 weigh ins

14 gains

6 maintains

1 x 10% Mark Sadler - GW

1 x 5% Ryan Boylan GW

You may have now seen my email about next season. Registration will be in the 27th May. If you have hit your goals and are braving it in your own, please let me know so that MvF can gauge numbers for season 3.

We now have 5 players with a BMI of under 26 which is just a couple of good weeks from being into a healthy BMI range of <25. That info is on your weekly progress email and hopefully you track your BMI progress to see your improvements.

There is to be another St George’s Park Tournament on the 28th July for people who have hit 5 % this season and for anyone who hits it in season 3 also. Here’s the info.

Well done to the cup victors and to the guys who have made the knockout pairs final. Have a great week this week for a spot in the next round or overall victory in the pairs.

Quick alternative recipe for you:

5-600 kcal pizza

1 or 2 whole meal wraps stuck together with passatta (or not if using 1 wrap)

Chorizo slices




Low fat mozzarella

Have a great week guys and I’ll see you in Sunday for another successful week.