Tuna Burgers

I have just been looking into these. Never tried them before and I am not very good at stuff but I fancy a go. Anyone have any experience with tuna burgers?

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Gonna try this at lunch today but will ip celery and omit bread crumbs. Might not hold together but we’ll see.

Let us know how it goes.

These look amazing! Will be giving these a go, thanks for the share :slight_smile:

Not bad at all. Very mild taste and slightly crunchy/crisp. Don’t taste fish at all. I dropped the bread crumbs, used 1 cup of chopped celery, used 1 sec spray of pam rather than oil and (because I’m lazy) 2 tbls onion powder rather than peeling and choping an onion. 450 cals for 4 “burgers” (!13 cla each) per MFP with 69 gms of protein. They stuck together nicely but I used a light touch and only flipped once. Thanks for posting. Will do this again

Oops - just realized I only used one tin of tuna rather than the two called for in recipe - but still easily made the four burgers.

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Yes…I am going to have a go too.

Have made something similar in the past with oats instead of breadcrumbs, They work well but do sit lighter on the stomach than a traditional beef burger. i.e. Lower calorie but left with a bit of a feeling of “Is that all I get?”

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Made it just as a hash today (again using only 1 tin of tuna) and was fine that way too.